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For almost 2 decades, Windsor University School of Medicine has been providing opportunity, education, and support to students from all over the world to achieve their academic and career goals. Follow our blog to learn more about our institution, the medical field, and medical instruction.


5 Adjustments Medical Schools can Make to Accommodate Students with Disabilities

The dream of becoming a physician dies for many young people with disabilities when they check...

Common Concerns Students Have About Transferring Medical Schools – Explained!

When you embark on your medical school journey, you expect to complete your medical studies...

Understanding the Role of a Fellow Doctor in Medicine

In the vast realm of healthcare, the term “fellow doctor” often sparks curiosity and prompts...

Considering Transferring to Windsor University School of Medicine in 2024? Here’s What You Need to Know

The decision to transfer to a different medical school is not easy. After all, you...

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Jump-Start Your Medical School Journey

With new year just around the year, winter break is a great time to reflect...
How Can Medical Students Make the Best of Winter Break?

How Can Medical Students Make the Best of Winter Break

You are done with your exams and it is time to give yourself a pat...

All You Need To Know About Different Family Medicine Subspecialties

True to its name, family physicians are qualified to treat most ailments and provide comprehensive...


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