What Is Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) And Why Does It Matter?


As soon as you cross over to the fourth year of your st.kitts medical school, you enter a new phase of your medical journey: choosing a specialty and applying to medical residency programs. But after you have applied to desirable residency programs, aced your medical residency interviews, and paired with your chosen residency programs, it is […]

5 Adjustments Medical Schools can Make to Accommodate Students with Disabilities

The dream of becoming a physician dies for many young people with disabilities when they check the admissions requirements of most medical schools the world over. However, researchers are often found quoting the merits of inclusion of physicians with disabilities, especially with regard to activating advanced understanding, boosting empathy, shunning stereotypes of people with disabilities, facilitating […]

Common Concerns Students Have About Transferring Medical Schools – Explained!


When you embark on your medical school journey, you expect to complete your medical studies at one school, but things may not go as planned and certain circumstances may leave you wondering “Can I transfer medical schools”? Transferring medical school is a big decision, but one that is completely possible.  While your reasons for moving […]

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Jump-Start Your Medical School Journey

With new year just around the year, winter break is a great time to reflect on the past year and jot down our new year’s resolutions to keep ourselves motivated and strive for betterment and improvement. Here are 5 resolutions that all medical students should make to motivate themselves for the months ahead: Let’s seize […]

How Can Medical Students Make the Best of Winter Break

How Can Medical Students Make the Best of Winter Break?

You are done with your exams and it is time to give yourself a pat on the back for those long hard hours you put in. With the start of the winter break, you must be wondering what to do with the hours not being spent studying, running between classes, preparing for this exam or […]

5 Ways Medical Students Benefit from Smaller Class Sizes

5 Ways Medical Students Benefit from Smaller Class Sizes

Medical school is a rigorous and demanding journey that prepares future physicians to serve the healthcare needs of society. Among various factors influencing the quality of education in medical schools, class size stands out as a crucial determinant. Smaller class sizes in medical education offer numerous advantages that significantly impact the learning experience and professional […]