Library Services for Medical Students & Faculty

Whether you have a question regarding the library and its resources, or are hoping to add more relevant learning materials to our collection, the Windsor University School of Medicine offers convenient ways for students and faculty to have their inquiries addressed by completing either of the eforms on this page. Query our library staff, or request a library subscription to your favourite medical journal. For information regarding enrollment, contact us today.

You will receive a response via email by the end of the day, to questions received Monday - Friday.
Questions received on weekends and days closed will be answered by the end of the next working day.

Recommendations for Purchase

If the library does we do not have the material, please feel free to tell us so we can consider it for purchase/subscription.

Every suggestion will be given due consideration, but we will not be able to buy/subscribe to every title. However, we will let you know the decision via email.

You may inform us by using one of the forms below or by telephone or face to face.

Recommend a new journal title.
Book /other materials recommendation.

Recommend a New Journal Title

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