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Clinical Simulation Center: State-of-the-Art Technology/ Innovative Learning Experiences

The Windsor University School of Medicine houses a state of the art Clinical Simulation Centre, which will be used to teach classes as well as engage students in self-directed learning. This center incorporates a design, which facilitates interactive learning through medical simulation, thereby enhancing the skills of each and every student doctor. The simulation center will have observation rooms for virtual monitoring, and teaching scenarios. It will also have high fidelity mannequins, and 10 clinical encounter rooms with different parameters based on clinical cases presented to the students. The facility will utilize several types of simulation modalities, including standardized patients, task trainers, and high fidelity simulation.

In addition, this center will provide simulated realistic learning opportunities to prepare students for actual patient care situations, which may occur in the emergency/trauma, operating rooms or inpatient ward environments. It is also an ideal resource for developing innovative educational curriculum and research.

The facility will also be used for the standardized patient program, which serves as the epicenter for clinical exposure to students during their basic science program on campus. Standardized Patients (SPs) are utilized throughout medical education to teach and evaluate clinical performance and communication skills of medical students, residents and students of other health professions. Taking into account the requirement to demonstrate optimal performance on ACGME core competencies, the USMLE Step II Clinical Skills Exam, and an increasing focus on Professionalism and Patient Safety, it has become imperative to utilize standardized patients effectively & efficiently in order to attain the necessary clinical skills, knowledge and competency.

There will be approximately ten patient examination stations, which are all networked, and equipped with modern audiovisual aids and computers. These rooms will simulate a hospital ward with global standards. A new student clinic will be located in this new building.

We look forward to introducing out students to this innovative and challenging environment. For more information or to being your enrollment, call us today.