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The Nigerian Students Association (NSA) is the umbrella body for the Nigerian students at Windsor University School of Medicine. We also cater to the other African students on campus by virtue of our size. We collate information that concerns our members and advocate on their behalf to the school authorities. In the same vein, we also pass on information from the school down to our members as the cases arise.

With a membership of over 200 students, The NSA strives to make St. Kitts a home away from home for the Nigerian student. We look out for each other by offering advice and encouragement to our members as it relates to the best approaches for excelling in our academic pursuits. We look out for positive partnerships that will be of use to our members and look to build upon them to enhance the island experience of the Nigerian and African student.

As we are committed to the ethos of helping to develop well rounded doctors, we also organize social events for our student body to help ease the pressures that might arise from our arduous schedule. Likewise, we also commit to periodic charity events to engender positive relations with our host community in the Island.

Finally, as the main purpose of our stay in this island is to pursue academic excellence, we actively encourage lower class men to seek out those members in the more senior classes who have excelled in the courses they are taking, to encourage and advise them on the best approaches to handling that particular course.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community. Look us up on any social media of your choice, or contact Windsor University for more information. When in the Island, we would be happy to re-introduce ourselves to you. Thank you.