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You can begin by completing an online application form. Clicking on ‘Apply Now’ icon on the school website will provide access to the complete application form. Applicant will be asked to choose the program and semester to be considered for. See ‘Admission requirements’ to assist you in choosing your eligible program.

Applicants can submit application for any one of the three rolling semesters – January, May and September. Application must be submitted in time for processing of admission. After a decision is sent out, other requirements such as visa processing may require time, most importantly for international applicants.

Admission process generally takes 2 to 3 weeks from the time of submitting the application. A student must provide their academic transcript along with other supporting documents such as personal essay, resume, letters of recommendation and a complete application. If you have any questions, you can contact

Transcript (if unofficial is available, it can be submitted until official arrives), Personal Essay (why I chose to do medicine), 2 letters of recommendation, Resume, and 2 passport-sized photos.

Your college/university transcript must be evaluated by WES at Once the evaluated transcript is received at our office directly by WES, you will be notified. Other documents include personal essay, letters of recommendation, resume, and 2 passport size photos.

Biology (2 semesters) Chemistry (2 semesters), Organic Chem with Lab ( 2 semsters), Physics ( 2 semesters), Mathematics ( 1 semester) and English (2 semesters). In addition, a college or university completion must show minimum of 90 credit hours completed (*this does not include high school credits).

The new class size varies with each of the three rolling semesters (January, May, September). Generally, September semester holds the larger class that can be between 60 to 80 students.

Applicants must have completed the prerequisite coursework or a minimum of 90 credit hours after completion of an undergraduate or college level program. See ‘Admission Requirements’ for the list of coursework and other areas of achievement.

No, MCAT is optional. If you have completed the MCAT, the admission office recommends that you submit your score sheet.

You can email your admission documents to, a secure email that will upload your documents to your application.

For those that have completed a secondary level education or high school, the program is designed to provide the basic foundation or prerequisite coursework prior to transitioning into the MD program. To apply for the program, applicants can use the same online application form found on the school website. Click on ‘Apply Now’ icon to access this application.

The MD I to MD 10 program is generally a duration of 4 ½ years during which the medical student must successfully complete all examinations to be eligible for graduation. The MD I to MD 5 program will be completed on the campus in St. Kitts, followed by completion of MD 6 to MD 10 semesters in the United States or Caribbean.

Transfer students can apply using the online application and providing all supporting documents which includes transcript and letters of recommendation from previous medical school. Transfer can be made only during the pre-clinical or basic science academic years.

No, once a course is failed in previous school, student must enroll in the course once again. Only passed courses with earned credit will be transferred over to Windsor.

Yes, once failed, it is mandatory that the transfer student takes the exam again. If enrolling in MD 6, then NBME CBSE can be taken at a prometric center.

Yes, you can by emailing – stating the reason for deferment.

The cost of tuition fee and additional fees are available on the ‘Tuition and Fees’ section of the website. You can also contact to learn more about the payment options.

No. WUSOM housing coordinator will assist by providing the list of housing in the island of St. Kitts and the monthly costs. Once an accommodation is arranged, our coordinators will be available to assist after your arrival for pick-up and transportation to your housing. All housing units are approved by WUSOM and located within 10 minutes from campus location. WUSOM buses are accessible throughout the week for students to travel between campus and housing. Contact for more information.

The Federation of Saint Kitts & Nevis is a tropical island located in the Eastern Caribbean. Traveling to St. Kitts from USA and Canada include various routes that connect to Miami International Airport in Miami, FL. The journey is a three (3) hour flight from Miami to St. Kitts by American Airlines. Other flights include Air Canada, British Airways, Delta, Liat, Seabourne, United Airlines, and US Airways.

Citizens of North America can travel to St. Kitts, however, students must apply for a student visa by submitting the necessary paperwork prior to traveling to St. Kitts. Our student visa officer will be in contact to guide you with the visa process. International applicants will be asked to submit their passport by courier for a visa stamp after the process is completed. You can contact for a list of countries that require a visa on passport prior to traveling to St. Kitts.

Eligibility will require completing the prerequisite courses (Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chem, Physics) listed under Admission requirement section of website. Secondly, a minimum of 90 credit hours must be completed (this does not include high school).

Yes. However students must follow the similar track of all MD students, this will require them to write all exams including USMLE steps if they plan to complete the clerkship in the US.

You would need basic supplies for your immediate arrival at the island. All stores / supermarkets carry all major products. Exchange rate 1 USD = 2.70 XCD. Formal wear for school, refer to dress code in admission packet, bring your casual wear for the tropical climate. If you prefer to cook at home, you can bring your spices or packets along with you. All supermarkets carry your daily essentials! Campus bookstore supplies stationary, lab coat, dissection kits, and other medical tools for study. For MD 1, you would need a pen torch, knee hammer, tuning fork, stethoscope, and dissection kit.