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Windsor University School of Medicine offers academic scholarships in an effort to recognize the accomplishments of prospective or current students at our St. Kitts university. View the scholarships currently available on this page, and contact us with any inquiries.

Nationals of St.Kitts

Total Scholarship offered for tuition fees for basic and clinical sciences portion of MD program, students pays for other administrative fees and living expenses

Founder's Academic Scholarship

In memory of our founder and past president, Dr. Srinivas Gaddam, Windsor University School of Medicine has established an academic scholarship. Those students selected will receive 15% of the tuition fee per semester (applied to the tuition) for the MD program.
Prospective students will receive this competitive scholarship based on an overall GPA of 3.5 from the previous institution, interview, and submission of any application material (personal statement, letters of recommendation, etc.)
This academic scholarship must be maintained with an overall GPA of 3.5 throughout the MD Program.

U.S. Military Veterans Scholarship

10% of the tuition fee per basic science semester with maintenance of 3.5 GPA during the program. Students can apply to other scholarships if eligible.

Research Excellence Scholarship

Provide scholarships for medical students who have demonstrated exceptional research skills or have made significant contributions to medical research projects. This will be determined by the Dean of Research and a maximum of two students per term can apply. The scholarship will be 2000$ used towards the tuition for that term.