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Here at Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), we ensure that students are represented in every phase of the university experience. The Student Government Association (SGA) is the vehicle through which students can participate in the formulation of institutional policy affecting academic and student affairs and collectively express their views on matters of general interest to the student body. The concepts and projects agreed upon in our meetings are important steps to achieving better quality of education in the life of the WUSOM student. The SGA was established to be the voice of the students. The SGA is made up of and administered entirely by students and is the representative body of the students at WUSOM. Call today to begin your enrollment!

Mission of the SGA

The mission of the SGA is to provide WUSOM students representation, services and advocacy within Windsor University School of Medicine by acting as a student voice for the campus community, serving as an outlet for student concerns, promoting student participation in campus life, and investigating solutions to various issues that affect the campus as a whole.

Purpose of the SGA: In Solidarity We Speak

  • To represent students within all academic and social aspects of the university community
  • To organize social events for students
  • Advocate for students’ rights and responsibilities
  • Defend the right of students
  • Attend to student concerns
  • Facilitate cooperation between students, faculty and administration
  • Band together with the university and other students organizations to enhance the overall university experience