Welcome to Windsor University School of Medicine.


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, I wish to thank you for choosing Windsor University School of Medicine. Founded in 1998, WUSOM has a tradition of providing an outstanding medical education and endeavor to prospective physicians worldwide for a reasonable tuition.


Windsor University School of Medicine is constantly building upon its reputation as one of the leaders in international medical education. WUSOM is comprised of an excellent faculty and facilities located at Brighton’s Estate on the island of St. Kitts, West Indies. In addition, WUSOM recently opened the North American Biomedical Research Center (NABRC) at our campus in Basseterre, St. Kitts aimed at our commitment to academic excellence and fostering research amongst faculty and students.


Our graduates successfully practice across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Africa, India and the Caribbean Region. This demonstrates the depth, breadth and quality of our medical curriculum (MD 1-10), dedicated faculty, and new facilities at our St. Kitts Brighton’s Estate campus.


The BioMedical Sciences program builds a strong academic science foundation for our students to successfully complete the requirements for admission into WUSOM consisting of 10 semesters. Our basic science curriculum in addition to our fifth semester (USMLE preparation and Intense Introduction to Clinical Medicine) prepares our students to sit for the USMLE Step 1 National Exam in order to qualify for ACGME rotations in our Affiliated US teaching hospitals.


Because of our quality reputation and affiliations with leading US hospitals, more students are looking to build their medical school career at Windsor University School of Medicine. To all students, alumni or new members of WUSOM family, we welcome you and wish you the best of luck in your academic and professional endeavors.




Late Dr. Srinivas R. Gaddam


Interim President’s Message

Congratulations on attending the Windsor University School of Medicine program. Our mission is to prepare highly dedicated, compassionate, and competent students to become effective, socially responsible, successful resident applicants in order to practice medicine in their country of origin.

Over the past sixteen years, our faculty has worked with various student committees to update and improve our instruction. A continuous focus on change can be linked to the trends in medicine such as new technology, new research and the changing health care needs of our society.

Students must be prepared to deal with all the competing forces of a rapidly changing health care system, and demonstrate the qualities of professionalism during medical school and throughout their careers. It must be clear that we are committed to the best outcome for the patient. Each student must be constantly on guard to protect, defend, and be an advocate for patients. To accomplish this you must be diligent in your studies to acquire and extend your medical knowledge.

Our best wishes,

Dr. Brijinder K. Gupta


Welcome to the Windsor University School of Medicine. Medical education is undergoing a significant transformation. This institution strives to position itself at the forefront of these challenges.


As the Dean of Academics, and on behalf of the faculty, staff, administration, and fellow students it is with great pleasure that I welcome you.


Windsor offers an innovative curriculum, addressing the academic requirements of physicians for future medical practice.


The medical program utilizes a competency-based curriculum, focusing on best practices in patient care, delivered through innovative teaching strategies; digital classroom; an advanced simulation center, comprehensive library, and streamlined courses ensuring a seamless transition from basic to clinical science applications.


Students begin to learn clinical skills in their first semester, informed by evidence-based patient care and treatment. A parallel research course takes our students’ medical knowledge to an advanced stage for clinical efficacy in eventual practice. The faculty are committed and dedicated to the teaching process by constantly improving. Our educators attend conferences in their respective subjects, as well as remain current on effective principles of medical education. This institution is continuously working toward providing an optimal learning environment founded on these guiding principles: to constantly improve our understanding and application of medical knowledge; to remain innovative, both in our curriculum and teaching practices; to inspire, our students to be passionate about providing their patients with the best possible course of treatment, care, and wellness.


The Windsor organization continues with sustained effort, enthusiasm, sincerity, and motivation to address the needs of current and future medical practice. We invite you to join us, as we move forward on this exciting journey of student-centered medical education for patient-centered health care. This is an excellent time to prepare for a career in medicine given the advances in curriculum design, learning theory, and technologically assisted information acquisition, evidence-based practice, analyses, and dissemination. This school has taken their understanding and commitment to educating future physicians by integrating innovative strategies in medical training with that of current proven advances in technology. This commitment is demonstrated by the on-site, brand new state of the art simulation center, including a virtual clinic, SimMan, Anatomy software for virtual dissection, and Imaging software for cross-sectional analyses, as well as case-based digital teaching modalities. Through this institution wide effort, we are proud that our curriculum ensures continuity between the foundational sciences provided by our horizontally and vertically integrated basic and clinical sciences. This flow is further reinforced by our Introduction to Clinical Medicine courses.


We are indeed addressing the needs of the next generation of physicians, who will utilize data at their disposal to provide optimal bedside care as they encourage wellness and prevention. The future is bright for the Windsor organization, and we invite you to join in this exciting transformation.




Dr. Andy Vaithilingam, M.Ed, MD, PhD