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For almost 2 decades, Windsor University School of Medicine has been providing opportunity, education, and support to students from all over the world to achieve their academic and career goals. Follow our blog to learn more about our institution, the medical field, and medical instruction.


medical residency

A Complete Guide to MCAT 2024 – Windsor University School of Medicine

The Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®) is an important hurdle for aspiring medical students, and...
medical school application

10 Tips for a Successful Application to a Medical School

Caribbean medical schools including Windsor University School of Medicine are among the most rigorous and...
Emerging Fields in medicine

Top Emerging Fields in Medicine you may not have heard of

As the field of medicine evolves, so do the types of specialties that are in...
EM doctor

A Day in the Life of an EM doctor

Are you thinking of a career in Emergency medicine? Do you often wonder what it’s...

The Path to Becoming a Neonatologist – The Education, Career, and Job Duties

Neonatology involves caring for and treating newborn babies, sick babies or premature babies, from the...
medical school

5 Habits You Need to Cultivate Before Starting Medical School

Congratulations on finally making it to medical school and stepping one step closer to realizing...

10 Skills that are the Hallmark of a Good Doctor

We all know the medical school requirements that are needed to become a physician, but...
medical residency

Applying for Medical Residency? How To Choose the Right Medical Programs?

As the 3rd year of your Caribbean medical school draws to a close, and residency application season...


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