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Windsor University School of Medicine Housing Department helps students secure the right accommodations to suit each individual’s needs.

Most of our housing is located in safe and secure areas that are only a 20-25 minute drive away from our St. Kitts campus. We also have accommodations located close to campus. Apartments are fully furnished; students would only need to bring towels, cups, plates, their personal needs, and clothing.

Windsor University also has an agreement with Royal St. Kitts Beach Hotel, Sugar Bay Resort, and Bird Rock Beach Hotel to provide housing and other facilities for our students. Each room includes one bed, desk with chair, television with cable TV, and a small refrigerator. Their amenities include restaurants, gym, study lounge, and general kitchen

Double occupancy rooms include two beds.

The Royal St. Kitts Beach Hotel and Sugar Bay Resort are located in Frigate Bay. Bird Rock Beach Hotel is located in Bird Rock. The University provides subsidized transportation for all our students.

Students should contact Windsor University to learn more about their room rates.

The Housing Department

Windsor University Housing Department staff works closely with students to select housing.
The Housing Department’s hours of operation are: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (Monday through Friday).

Phone: 869-466-1220 ext.535
Cell: 869-764 -4123 / 762 1845
Fax: 312-284-6103