Career Advising with the Student Advisory and Support Program (SASP)

The Student Advisory and Support Program is a student welfare program run by WUSOM to provide both academic and non academic support to its students. It encompasses many services available to the students and acts as a referral system. The mainstay of the program is Advisor – Advisee interaction and complete wellbeing of the student. comes under the per view of the Office of Student Affairs and is supervised by the Program for all the WUSOM students who enter the MD program to . SASP H B

SASP Handbook
SASP – Primary form

Career Counselor for Basic Sciences is Dr. Bikramajit Singh Saroya, while the Career Counselor for Clinical Sciences is Dr. Sandeep Mellacheruvu. For resources, please refer to these documents:

CV and essay presentation
Residency webinar
Residency checklist
User guide to MyERAS Residency