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5 Skills You Need to Master to Survive Intern Year Residency

medical intern

Now that you are entering intern year, you must be feeling quite overwhelmed at the daunting process. Fear of the unknown, coupled with feelings of trepidation about how you can prepare or if you will even survive, must be keeping you up all night. We assure you that nothing could have prepared you for the […]

Important Stages of the Residency Application Process that Medical Students Should Know


The ultimate goal of any aspiring physician is to land a residency in a reputable program; which is something you have been working towards throughout your time at Caribbean medical school. Since you cannot become a licensed practitioner without obtaining one of these postgraduate trainings, it is important that you take your medical residency application […]

How Can Mock Interviews Boost Your Chance for Residency?

Mock Interviews

Residency interviews are highly important for being accepted in to a program, since they provide you with an opportunity to make the best impression upon program directors. This is why, we cannot stress the importance of going in to your interview well-prepared, which is where mock interviews come in handy. Ask a physician, a residency […]

How to Prepare for the Right Residency: Five Tips for Medical School Hopefuls

Some students decide to choose a career in medicine early in life, while others make this important decision when they finish a college degree. Before embarking on your medical school journey, aspiring doctors should consider a number of factors including high GPA and MCAT score, cost, and years of training required to pursue a career […]