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  • Student sitting on ground packing books
    What to Pack for Student Housing When You Study Medicine in the Caribbean

    Whether you come from Orlando, Kansas City, or Ottawa, going to school in St. Kitts is sure to be an exciting new experience. You will want to make sure that you have all of the items you regularly depend on when you are at home. Remember to bring the essentials along, such as medicine, vitamins, money, and some kind of a box with a lock for securing valuables.

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  • Student’s desk with cork board saying “tips and tricks”
    Study Tips for Students in Basic & Clinical Science Programs

    No matter how hardworking and dedicated you are, medical school can be challenging. The reward for all of that hard work is a highly stimulating and fulfilling career that pays well. At Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), you will have the opportunity to balance your study time by exploring all that St. Kitts has to offer.

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  • Female student pondering holding chin
    Start Your Medical School Process by Improving Your Memory

    Whether you are currently studying pre-med courses or are further along in the curriculum, battling with your memory can be frustrating. If you are trying to study for an exam, forgetting important details could make you question your capabilities. Try to remember that nearly everyone struggles with poor memory now and then.

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  • Stethoscope beside books and pen on table
    International Medical Graduate of a Caribbean Medical University: Your Next Steps

    Once you have attained your Caribbean medical degree, the next leg of your journey will begin. As an International Medical Graduate (IMG), you will need to take several steps in order to become a practicing doctor. Use the following information as your guide to navigating the path that lies ahead of you.

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  • Close up of “visa” on paperwork
    Reasons Your Student Visa Might Have Been Denied

    Along with your other requirements for Caribbean medical school, you may need to apply for a student visa. The student visa is mandatory if you are not already a resident of the area. If your visa application is denied, then you won’t be able to attend classes in St. Kitts.

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  • Stethoscope around a paper with red ribbon
    Ultimate Guide for Attaining Your Caribbean Medical Degree

    The decision to attend a Caribbean medical school is a wise choice. Although you may initially be concerned about going to a medical school outside the U.S. or Canada, there is no need to be. A Caribbean medical degree offers a variety of benefits to students from all over North America. Whether you come from Los Angeles, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Houston, or San Francisco, studying in St. Kitts is a transformational experience.

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  • Woman with stethoscope standing in front of American flag
    How a Caribbean Medical School Prepares You for the USMLE

    As you study medicine in the Caribbean, you will also be preparing to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE); USMLE STEP 1, USMLE STEP 2, AND USMLE STEP 3. Passing these exams is a pre-requisite to practicing medicine in the United States. You should plan well in advance of taking the these exams. Preparation includes knowing what will be included in the exams, learning the relevant information, and studying it thoroughly.

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  • Silver medical tools on white table
    ​The Alumni Interview with Dr. Mohammad Ali

    As a high-school senior who’s about to graduate, you must be thinking about either throwing an awesome graduation party or planning to attend one. In the back of your mind, you might also be wondering in which college/university to apply for admission or where to apply for internship before your college life begins. For that reason, you may be searching for the best universities on the internet.

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  • Man in suit writing on paper with pen
    ​How to Strengthen Application to International Medical School

    Like every young pre-med student, you might have dreams of becoming a successful and prodigious physician one day because this is your calling. Or you are fascinated by the latest trends and innovations that are taking place every day in the world of medicine and you want to shine brightly like one of the stars of this galaxy. Or you simply fall into the category of those fanatics who are inspired by medical reality shows.

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  • Stressed man and woman holding calculator, credit card and books
    ​Canadian Parents’ Growing Healthcare Concerns

    For the past few years, Medicare, private healthcare providers and medical schools in Canada have been struggling to find the answer to one of the most difficult questions in the healthcare sector: how many doctors are necessary in the family medicine segment to meet tomorrow’s health care needs?

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  • Six medical students sitting at desk listening
    ​Overview of a Caribbean Medical School Curriculum

    When you apply to a Caribbean medical school, one of the first areas you may want to explore is the curriculum. Your Caribbean medical degree will be the result of completing this course of study. The experience of attending Windsor University of Medicine (WUSOM) differs somewhat from the experience you might have at a U.S. or Canadian medical school. You will be provided with everything you need to know to practice medicine in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. Because our Caribbean medical school has the proper accreditation, you will be given the same opportunities to apply for a residency program in the U.S. or Canada.

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  • “Accredited” stamp on paper in red ink
    The Importance of Attending a Caribbean Medical School with Accreditation

    Getting a Caribbean medical education is the dream of countless aspiring doctors. Although the thought of attending a Caribbean medical school might seem too good to be true, it does not need to be a daydream beyond reach. Whether you are from Atlanta, San Francisco, or Vancouver, you can go to medical school in the paradise that is the Caribbean.

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  • Papers titled “permanent resident card”
    Establishing Residency with a Caribbean Medical Degree

    When you are planning to study medicine in the Caribbean, one of the main details you may want to know is whether your Caribbean medical education will qualify you for a U.S. residency program. That is a question every prospective Caribbean medical student should have.

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  • 15/05/2017
    Should I Get Travel Insurance to Study Medicine in the Caribbean?

    If you are going to a Caribbean medical school, you will need to take certain steps before you leave. One of the main details you must handle is getting a student visa before you arrive overseas. Another detail to consider is how to cover your losses if something is stolen or if you get sick. Whether you are coming from Chicago, Miami, or Toronto, you might want to purchase travel insurance while you pursue your degree at an international medical school.

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  • Student Visa
    Do I Need a Student Visa to Attend a Caribbean Medical School?

    Once you have decided to study medicine in the Caribbean, you will probably have many questions. Aspiring medical school students frequently reach out to us about the requirements for attending Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM). That often includes knowing whether they need a student visa for Caribbean medical school. This is a detail you will need to cover before you embark on your journey to the Caribbean.

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  • Medicine student in the Caribbean
    Why Study Medicine in the Caribbean?

    Qualified doctors are needed everywhere, from San Juan to Schaumburg to Newark. However, even if you become an incredibly talented physician or surgeon, one quality may be more important to your patients than you might realize: compassion. That, along with the capacity to view the “big picture” and relate to your future patients, will make you more valuable as a medical professional than many of your peers.

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