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Why January is a Great time to Start Caribbean Medical School?

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One of the top-rated benefits of studying medicine in a Caribbean medical school is the level of flexibility they offer, thanks to their rolling admissions policy, accepting new students in January, May, and even September. While you are at liberty to embark on your medical journey in any of these terms, whichever seems like the best time for you, there are some added benefits of starting in January.

“January is an amazing time to start medical school,” says Windsor’s Director of admissions. “January might not be the most conventional time to start medical school, but it opens up a world of unique opportunities that can set you on a path to success. Not only do you get a 4–8-month head start over students who begin the following summer or fall, but also additional time to study for the USMLE Step 1 and 2 exams.”

While this approach may seem off-the-beaten-path, here are some strategic advantages of applying to our January ’24 term.

Better Performance on Important Medial Milestones

When you start medical school in January, and not wait until May, you will definity get more time to study for Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE which would enhance your chances of successfully passing the compulsory USMLE Step exams. Similarly, you will also get greater flexibility in scheduling clinical electives in order to become a more competitive match candidate. Similarly, when you finish academic study and clinical rotations earlier, you will be free to schedule residency interviews in peace, without factoring them in between lectures or exams.

Reduced Waiting Time

Many students choose January because they want to start immediately, and be that much closer to making their dream of becoming a MD a reality. For example, if you complete your bachelor’s degree in December you could enroll right away in the January session, rather than wait a couple of months for the fall.

Smaller Class Sizes

Students who start in January can expect fewer students in their cohort as compared to the more popular fall start — a great benefit that is often missed on students. This translates into more individualized attention from faculty as well as a chance to foster deeper relationships with your peers. We at Windsor University School of Medicine believe that learners instilled with the feeling of community, collaboration and camaraderie become better professionals down the road and fit in well with the medical community. In short, you will find more opportunities for an enriching learning experience and greater chances of success when you start in January.

Finish Medical School Faster

The path to becoming a licensed professional is long and exhaustive.  In addition the customary 4 years of medical school, you will be spending another 3-5 years in your medical residency training, while simultaneously studying to pass all the steps of USMLE exam and other medical exams, and also apply for a license. With such a long road ahead, you wouldn’t want to waste any time in case you missed the deadline for September enrollment. Why wait another year to pursue your become of becoming a doctor when you can start right away!

Balanced Work-Life

Starting in January allows you to balance your academic and personal life more effectively. It can be particularly beneficial for those transitioning from other careers, giving you a smoother adjustment period and allowing you to make a seamless transition to medical school.

More Clinical Experience

With your curriculum extending into the summer months, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in clinical experiences during a time when many hospitals and healthcare facilities have a higher demand for students. This can provide you with diverse clinical exposure and valuable hands-on learning opportunities.

Balmy Climate and Beautiful Surroundings

The Caribbean experience is not just about medical education; it’s about personal growth and cultural enrichment. January in the Caribbean is a time of pleasant, warm weather and stunning landscapes. Perfect for immersing yourself in the local culture and making lifelong memories. This sets a relaxed and inspiring backdrop for your studies, offering a conducive environment for focused learning and personal growth.


If you are looking to start your career in medicine in a CAAM-HP accredited Caribbeans Medical school, it is time to take the next step. Enroll in WUSOM’s upcoming January’2024 term today and get one step closer to achieving your goals.

 Ready to apply? Take the next step here.

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