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Rolling Admissions for a Caribbean University

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When you are applying to a medical school such as Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), you have many details to consider, including admissions. All colleges and universities do not implement their admissions process in the same way. Some schools operate with a standard admissions schedule, while others offer rolling admissions.


There is a key difference between standard and rolling admissions. With traditional admissions, applications are not typically evaluated until after a hard deadline when all applications have been submitted. With rolling admissions, applications are evaluated in the order in which they are received.
The Benefits of Rolling Admissions when You Apply to a Caribbean Medical School

Now that you know the primary difference between rolling and regular admissions, you can explore the topic even further. Take a look at some of the major advantages of rolling admissions:

  • Earlier Notification – Because applications are evaluated on a first come, first serve basis, you might be notified of acceptance earlier than you would at a school with regular admissions. This can make all the difference when you are applying to a medical school in the Caribbean. Getting an earlier notification will give you that much more time to prepare for your journey.
  • Less Competition– If you apply early enough, you will have less competition at a school that offers rolling admissions. At a school with standard admissions, your application will be measured against all of the other applications at the same time. With rolling admissions, you can gain an edge on the other applicants by applying as soon as possible.
  • Quicker Access to Scholarships– As soon as you discover that you have been accepted, you may begin applying for scholarships. This is another way to compete with an edge.
  • More Flexibility with the Final Deadline– In many cases, the deadline for rolling admissions is later than with regular admissions. This means that you might still have time to submit your application later than at another school. This can be beneficial if you decide at a relatively late date that you would like to attend medical school classes in St. Kitts.
  • Lower Stress Levels– A little flexibility can do a lot to decrease your stress! Applying for medical school can be stressful enough without waiting for an evaluation after a hard deadline. By being given the freedom to apply earlier or later, you may submit your application at a time that works for you.
  • More Housing Options– When you apply early and get accepted early, you will have more housing options available. You will likely have better access to the most appealing student housing at your school.

Apply Early to Study Medicine in the Caribbean

Going to school in the Caribbean is a college student’s dream come true. That is one reason that we get applicants from a wide range of places, including Calgary, Newark, and Edmonton. When you study medicine at WUSOM, you will get a first-class education in a memorable setting. The applications and admissions process can seem confusing initially, so feel free to ask us questions. We are always happy to assist you.
Contact us online for more details about admissions to our Caribbean university.

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