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Why January is a Great time to Start Caribbean Medical School?

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One of the top-rated benefits of studying medicine in a Caribbean medical school is the level of flexibility they offer, thanks to their rolling admissions policy, accepting new students in January, May, and even September. While you are at liberty to embark on your medical journey in any of these terms, whichever seems like the […]


While most students know a medical degree can take them to places they never dreamed of, shouldn’t this be true for those attending medical school, too? The St. Kitts campus of Windsor University School of Medicine gives students the opportunity to study abroad at an international medical school with the Caribbean’s beautiful backdrop as inspiration. […]

Five Things Aspiring Doctors Should Know About Caribbean Medical Schools

Getting into medical school is a complex process. Many qualified candidates find it extremely hard to get admission into a top medical school as the competition is getting more challenging every year. The medical school admission process is even more difficult for students with a low MCAT score and science GPA. They only get rejection […]

Done With Exams? Here Are 5 Activities to Let Off Steam in St. Kitts and Nevis

Pre-exam stress is real, but what about the unease and trepidation you feel after you’re done with exams? Sometimes it can be unnerving to deal with post exam anxiety or nervousness. You may have locked up all your books until the next semester but you may still be feeling jittery. Here are some of the most […]

Tips for Creating Impressive Medical School Secondaries

As a medical school applicant, you have done your due diligence to submit the best AMCAS application possible. You have worked hard to garner the perfect MCAT score, did your homework to select the best medical schools that tick all the boxes, gathered letters of recommendation, penned down a compelling medical school personal statement, and […]