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Semester exams are pending in the wake of COVID-19 lockdown. It provides students with a great opportunity to stay on top of revision and attain better results. As your success in exams solely depends on your preparation, so it is worth considering some revision techniques to retain information and score better marks in exams.

By creating an effective revision plan and taking some balanced steps, you can eliminate COVID-19 anxiety and control revision stress while in lockdown.

  1. Breakdown the Material

Many medical students feel overwhelmed before exams by thinking about the amount of content they are supposed to absorb. You can make this intimidating task into an easier one by simply breaking down the course material into small, manageable chunks. A study shows that students can give their best by studying in short chunks. Therefore, it is always a great idea to avoid studying and revising for hours without any break. Instead, plan short study sessions and revise the material in short chunks. Remember, different students have a different optimal time of learning; it is advised to experiment with this revision technique to find the ideal focal length of yours.

  1. Take Breaks Regularly

If you want to retain information for long, it is advised to give yourself regular short breaks to refresh your mind. You can breakdown your revision time into different parts, like morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. It is recommended to make a revision timetable and set aside dedicated time slots for exercising, eating, video calling with your friends, painting, gardening, watching your favorite TV series, and any other breaks you want. Stick to your revision plan and taking regular breaks can keep your mind fresh. When you perform activities, you enjoy most and give your brain and body a break from revision; it will help you better absorb the information that will eventually help you perform well in exams.

  1. Eat Healthy and Well-Balanced Diet

Obviously, you want to score the highest marks in your medical exams. It will only be possible when you look after yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whilst revising, it can be easy to end up excessive amounts of coffee and chips. You may feel like doing this instead of spending time cooking proper meals. This may be more time-efficient, but it does not amount to a more productive revision. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will leave you feeling more energetic and focused. By eating properly and taking healthy foods, you can keep your stress levels under control and perform outstandingly in exams. So, eat healthy nutritious to keep your mind and body healthy.

  1. Stay Active

Doing some exercise is a great idea to keep your mind healthy, oxygenate brain cells and release stress. It is one of the best strategies to keep calm, mentally relax and stay on top of your revision game. Doing regular workouts can improve your overall wellbeing. Even participating in short bouts of exercise can increase your mental alertness, energy and can have a positive impact on your mood. Furthermore, exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, relieve stress, and promote good night sleep. Although you can’t go to the gym and stay at home until the lockdown completely ends, you can follow many ways to stay physically and mentally fit at home.

  1. Find the Perfect Learning Style

There are a number of revision techniques, such as flashcards, past papers, mind maps, group study and a lot more. It is always a good idea to try all of these learning techniques to find what works best for you. So, start early and take some time to find the best learning style that helps you absorb maximum amount of information.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important to keep your mind and body fresh and healthy, reduce stress and maintain your motivation levels. Though it’s easy to feel stressed and neglect your sleep during exam season, but you have to get adequate sleep to perform well on exams. Getting to sleep for at least eight hours means you will wake up earlier and be able to fit in more revision during the daytime.

  1. Talk to Your Friends

It’s no surprise that exam season is an incredibly stressful time for students. Many students feel overwhelmed and struggle hard to keep themselves relax during the entire season. Social distancing doesn’t mean you should stop talking to your friends and family you would typically see on a regular basis. Video chat with your friends, family, and teachers and discuss how you can revise your course material and to manage exam stress. It will help you a lot, try it.

  1. Summarize What You Learn

You can strengthen your learning and confidence by speaking out loud as if you are explaining the topic to someone else. It is a very good trick to check what you have learned and identify the problem areas. If you can explain the entire topic in a simple and understandable way, it means you have mastered it.

Hopefully, practicing these revision techniques will help you better prepare for your medical exams, score outstanding marks and improve your GPA.

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