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Why Study Medicine in the Caribbean?

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Qualified doctors are needed everywhere, from San Juan to Schaumburg to Newark. However, even if you become an incredibly talented physician or surgeon, one quality may be more important to your patients than you might realize: compassion. That, along with the capacity to view the “big picture” and relate to your future patients, will make you more valuable as a medical professional than many of your peers.

How do you become a doctor who can balance your clinical side with the part of yourself that can put patients at ease? You can start with a well-rounded education. That doesn’t only mean taking a broad spectrum of college courses. Becoming a doctor with a healthy perspective also begins with appreciating the time you are in medical school.

Attaining a medical degree requires much hard work and determination. The coursework will challenge you, and you may be tempted to give up at times. Those of you who persevere will serve society in a way that few professionals can match. By selecting a school of medicine in a magnificent environment, you can truly get the most of your time spent there.

What It Means to Study Medicine in the Caribbean
The university experience at an international medical school in the Caribbean is incomparable. These are a few of the benefits you may enjoy when you study medicine in St. Kitts:
Environment – Many of our students come from locations in the United States and Canada, such as Boston, Detroit, and Vancouver. When you come from a place that experiences cold and harsh weather at certain times, St. Kitts is a welcome change. Even if you live in a temperate place, like Hoover, Bayamon, or Miami, the Caribbean is unforgettable. The island beauty will remain etched in your memory long after you graduate. The area is a major tourist destination for several reasons, including tropical scenery that will leave you breathless.
Culture – The local culture comprises a unique blend of European and West African cultures. When you attend university in St. Kitts, you will be in close proximity to an exciting world of local festivities and customs. Carnivals and music festivals abound in the area. The native cuisine is delicious and healthy. You can dine on whole foods that nourish your body and your mind.
Balance – When you apply to a Caribbean medical school, you are giving yourself an opportunity to balance your education with some recreation. You can study for classes while basking in the sunlight. Your time off might be spent with a new set of peers as you indulge in water sports, hiking, cultural tours, and local nightlife.

Enjoy Earning Your Degree at an International Medical School
Once you graduate from medical school, your time will be much more limited. This is your time to become a well-rounded individual. By balancing your studies with personal interests, you may ultimately become a better future doctor. Attending Windsor University School of Medicine is an experience like no other. You can attain your degree in a setting that will make you feel as though you are on vacation. Avoid the intense stress of other medical school environments, and choose to invest in yourself as well as your future career. You will always be grateful that you did.

Reach us online for information about studying abroad in the enchanting island setting of our Caribbean medical school.

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