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WHY Study in Windsor University School of Medicine?

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The road to becoming a doctor is long and winding. A lot of excellent students interested in pursuing a career as a physician find it a tough nut to crack to get into medical school in the United States. Not to mention, an American university medical degree can weight heavy on your pockets, even if you meet the demanding application requirements.  With a low acceptance rate, unattainable MCAT scores, and rigorous GPA requirements, a lot of stellar students are turned away, but did you know that you may still gain entry if you set your sights a little to the south, that is, among the sunny islands of St. Kitts. If you are looking for a top-rated education in medicine at an affordable cost, then there is no better option than studying at an accredited Caribbean medical university, such as the Windsor University School of Medicine. Here’s all that you gain from choosing WUSOM as your medical school.


WHY Study in Windsor University School of Medicine?

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