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Why does Windsor Encourage Diversity?

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Diversity is hot on medical campuses all over the world; not simply confined to gender, ethnicity, and race, but also extends to socioeconomic status and age. If you are wondering why diversity is so indispensable in medical colleges, a study led by the UCLA Higher Education Research Institute has proven that medical students who attend ethnically and racially diverse medical schools are known to be better equipped to care for patients in a diverse society. Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM) is proud to offer a peaceful and diverse environment where students learn new things and are able to interact with other students belonging to various social and cultural backgrounds. Here are a few reasons why WUSOM is heading a multi-faceted campaign to boost racial diversity among its students:

Students Become All-Round Professionals in their Category

When you are on call, you’ll often be entailed to work with colleagues and treat patients hailing from a plethora of sociocultural backgrounds. A study conducted by the UCLA asserts that attending a medical school that promotes diversity helps would-be-doctors become more emphatic and better physicians down the road. Gaining a broader perspective now would go a long way towards helping you avert miscommunications later on. Diversity instills a deeper comprehension of patient needs. When physicians are aware of their patient’s background, they are better able to perform their jobs.

Opens up Students Minds to think outside the Box

While you are studying at WUSOM, your class fellows and colleagues are an important source of diversification. Their individual experiences and knowledge about different diseases and interactions with people of varied backgrounds offer you a great opportunity to learn and approach perplexing cases with a global mindset. Such a mindset, when applied to problem-solving, has been known to escalate innovation in the workplace.

Diversity helps Physicians and Doctors in a Variety of Ways

In remote areas and regions with hilly terrains, traveling to a clinic or a hospital can be tough. Not to mention, the shortage of credible doctors in such regions translate into a protracted waiting time before patients can secure an appointment. At WUSOM, we encourage all our students to have the pre-requisite knowledge and hands-on experience required to help patients in underserved areas. In order to combat this health disparity, we need more and more physicians coming from varied backgrounds.

Excel at Education without Feeling Alienated

Students at WUSOM come from diverse ethnic backgrounds so that a new student has a better chance of getting along well with other students without feeling alienated. A place of learning that predominantly houses one ethnicity can be a tough place to study for a minority student and may lead to a different treatment by the majority class. This can have far-reaching repurcussions for students.

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