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Why Choose Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM)?

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Applying to a Caribbean medical school is a sensible option for students, dreaming to become an excellent doctor. In fact, pursuing an MD program in the island of Saint. Kitts is an ideal option for aspiring physicians. Choosing a Caribbean medical school that provides high quality education and focuses on advanced learning is a challenging task for applicants. Doing research and evaluating all the possible options will help you find the best Caribbean medical university in Saint Kitts.

Windsor University School of Medicine is one of the best medical schools in the Caribbean that mainly focus on providing an advanced academic environment for students. If you are wondering whether choosing WUSOM is the right option or not, here are some fascinating facts about Windsor University School of Medicine.

Affordable Tuition Cost

Studying medicine and becoming a doctor is a quite expensive process. Estimating Caribbean medical school cost is one of the most important factors when pursuing an MD degree. Students need good investment to pay their tuition fees to fulfill their dream. Thanks to WUSOM that offers an affordable tuition fee for its students. At WUSOM, tuition fee for Basic Sciences program and Clinical Sciences Program ranges from $ 4,990 – $ 6,490 per semester.

Financial Aid Programs

Many students can’t afford the cost of attending a Caribbean medical school. Windsor University School of Medicine is committed to help its students to achieve their academic goals. The financial aid officers help WUSOM students in qualifying for financial aid programs. Financial aid counselors help students to prepare and complete important documents required for federal student loan programs. The financial aid office staff of Windsor University makes sure to create a customized tuition payment plan for every student.

Academic Scholarships

WUSOM puts its best efforts to provide its students with full financial support, helping them to cover tuition costs, books, administrative fees, and other living expenses. There are different academic scholarships available at St. Kitts Windsor University School of Medicine.

  •         Nationals of St. Kitts
  •         Caribbean Scholarships
  •         Dr. Srinivas Gaddam Scholarship
  •         U.S. Military Veterans Scholarship

You will find the details of each merit scholarship here.

Rolling Admissions

Fulfilling medical school admission requirements and submitting all the necessary documents before the medical school admission deadline seems a daunting task. If you fail to collect/submit any document, chances are, medical school admissions committees will disqualify you from the selection process. You have to wait for the whole year to reapply. There are many things that applicants find difficult to complete prior to the medical school application deadline.

WUSOM offers rolling admissions, students can apply to Spring, Summer, and Fall programs. If you fail to complete the prerequisites for medical school in the Spring semester, you can start your medical education in the Summer and Fall programs. So, complete your medical school application and apply when you are ready for this challenging journey.

Good Residency Placement Rate

Applying to medical school and completing a four-year MD program will prepare you for many competitive residency programs. Getting a perfect residency match is a huge achievement for medical school students. In fact, residency placement rate is the most important factor when selecting the best medical schools in Saint Kitts.

Students of Windsor University School of Medicine secure residency positions in different US states. From internal medicine to family medicine, radiology, psychiatry, pathology, child neurology, and pediatrics, WUSOM graduates qualified for residency programs in different specialties.

Onsite Clinical Simulation Center

You will find a Clinical Simulation Center in the University campus, especially designed to facilitate interactive learning. The simulation center has observation rooms and clinical encounter rooms with different simulation modalities and task trainers. The goal of the simulation center is to prepare students to deal with real-life medical situations in different challenging environments.

An Innovative Curriculum

At WUSOM, the curriculum is designed to provide students with competency-based knowledge. Students learn important biomedical concepts and processes. The curriculum focuses on patient care, so that students can improve their patient assessment skills, learn how to perform physical examinations, diagnose disease and provide better health management options.

Students will learn about system-based practice, how to communicate with patients, physicians, and other healthcare staff. WUSOM also focuses on practice-based learning to make students better medical professionals.

Saint Kitts is a Great Place to Live

The island of Saint Kitts is the best place to live in as it has stunning natural beauty, friendly locals. remarkable history, and unmatched charm. By selecting a school of medicine in the Caribbean, you can explore this beautiful island and enjoy nature to its fullest. Pursuing an MD degree in WUSOM provides an opportunity to interact with international students with diverse cultures. You will learn how to survive in a multicultural environment.

After attending lectures, you can enjoy outdoor activities, such as fishing, hiking, boating, diving, and snorkeling or join a golf club. You can enjoy native cuisine, attend carnivals and music festivals, and explore West African and European cultures. You will surely enjoy medical school experience in a culturally diverse environment.

Amazing Campus Facilities

WUSOM provides its students with amazing on-campus facilities. From a research institute, to housing, transportation, library, gymnasium, outstanding teaching facilities, and student lounges, you will expect a great campus life experience at WSUOM. Teachers use advanced patient-centered teaching tools to provide system-based and practice-based learning. Students can join a diverse campus community, participate in different activities and attend different events.

Clinical Rotations

At our St. Kitts medical university, we offer a comprehensive clinical curriculum to polish clinical skills of medical students. Our students get the opportunity to perform different clinical rotations in a variety of medical specialties. Students are required to complete 48 weeks of clinical core clerkships and 24 weeks of electives. Students at WUSOM complete core clinical clerkships in family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery and psychiatry. Furthermore, students have to complete mandatory electives in preventive medicine, research, and community medicine. Find more information on the clinical curriculum, here.

Apply at WUSOM!

Enrolling in the MD program in WUSOM is a sensible idea to get quality medical education at affordable tuition fees, gain real-world medical experience, and find a competitive medical residency. Completing medical education from Caribbean medical college St. Kitts will make you a better, practicing doctor in the U.S. and Canada.

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