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Who Should Consider Applying to an International Medical School

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People from numerous locations wish to go to school in the Caribbean. At Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), we get applicants from places such as San Francisco, Bayamon, New York, Washington, and Calgary.


There are many reasons to attend a medical school in St. Kitts. WUSOM has much to offer, no matter where your hometown might be.
Who Should Consider Applying to a Foreign Caribbean Medical School

A broad array of individuals might be interested in studying medicine in St. Kitts. However, we can often narrow down most of the potential applicants into four major groups:


  • Students Who Want to Enjoy More Culture– Do you wish you lived in an area where you could experience diverse culture? If so, our university could be the perfect medical school for you. St. Kitts offers a blend of English and African cultures, and the area is friendly and welcoming to foreign students. When you are not studying, you might browse local arts and crafts, take a charming island tour by rail, and view art at a local gallery.
  • Students Who Like to Travel – People who love to travel make excellent candidates for Caribbean medical school. If you enjoy seeing new places, you will find much worth exploring in St. Kitts. The scenery is utterly magnificent, with impossibly blue-green waters, immaculate sandy shores, lovely surrounding mountains, and picturesque towns. Local landmarks include a botanical garden, a historical fortress, and even a shipwreck. The beauty of studying medicine at WUSOM is that you can travel to a breathtaking area, and you will receive a stellar medical education.
  • Students Who Have Not Written the MCAT– Do you still need to take your pre-medical sciences courses? Then our school will make a viable option for you. We receive applications from many students who have yet to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). We offer a comprehensive pre-med course. Thus, we are a top choice for students who wish to take pre-med classes and medical school courses at the same school. This is a convenient way to cover all of the coursework required in an idyllic Caribbean environment.
  • Students Who Need an Affordable Medical School – We provide our students with an impressive assortment of benefits. However, affordability is at the top of the list for many. Our rates per semester are significantly lower than the fees at most schools in the United States and Canada. Our tuition fees are less than half to a third of many medical schools at public learning institutions in the U.S. Tuition at WUSOMis approximately one-tenth of what you might spend at some private U.S. institutions. In Canada, tuition rates have increased by more than four percent in recent years. This has been a cause for concern among students at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. However, attending medical school at WUSOM provides an appealing solution.

Students Who Apply to WUSOM

We are proud to welcome a diverse population of students at Windsor University School of Medicine. If studying medicine in the Caribbean sounds inviting to you, do not hesitate to apply to WUSOMReach us now for all the details on getting your international medical school degree.

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