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Top 8 Instagram Accounts for Caribbean Medical Students to Stay Up-to-Date

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The world of medicine is constantly evolving and coming up with exciting discoveries and clinical procedures for doctors and medical students all over the globe. Every day is packed with a bevy of new challenges, facts to learn, and new things to explore. Being a Caribbean medical student, staying up-to-date with the latest happenings in the medical arena is crucial for increasing your academic knowledge and performing well during your four years of medical school and residency training.

With the advent of social media, it has now become much easier to stay on top of medical knowledge and learn intricate terms and clinical procedures in exciting ways. There is no denying the fact that Instagram is one of the best social media networks that is playing a key role in strengthening your medical knowledge and skills. There are many Instagram accounts dedicated to helping students hone their knowledge, discover new facts, and polish their clinical acumen in a more innovative and forward-thinking way. Medical students can take advantage of Instagram to expand their knowledge and understand complex concepts.

Here are top 8 Instagram accounts for Caribbean medical students that share exciting and surprising facts, the most cutting-edge clinical procedures, up-to-the-minute researches, informative videos and a lot more that will eventually help you bolster your academic performance and secure a stellar GPA.

  1. Medical Talks

Medical Talks is one of the most popular Instagram accounts for Caribbean medical students that features images of interesting and educational surgical cases with in-detailed explanations in the image captions and informative videos to help them grasp the medical concept. If you want to stay updated with the most compelling and exciting medical cases from all over the globe, you should follow @medicaltalks. It will definitely help improve your clinical skills which will help you succeed in your residency program.

  1. Med School Posts

The account @medschoolposts includes surgical and clinical images to help medical students learn how to perform clinical procedures to treat different medical conditions. Each image elucidates on each medical case, including  the diagnosis, treatment, associated risk factors and more. Whether you are still in your pre-clinical years or heading into clinical years, this account can boost your medical knowledge by just reading the explanations featured in the image.

  1. USMLE Step 1, Step 2

It is undoubtedly an impressive Instagram account that can greatly help medical students prepare for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2.  The account showcases images of different medical cases and a short description of the patient’s history and symptoms. Students are required to diagnose the condition, based on multiple-choice questions. One of the best Instagram accounts for medical students, this account is undeniably serving as a great learning tool, helping students quiz themselves on their medical knowledge.

  1. Figure1

This Instagram account features a wide array of medical cases studies and images which can help you get to grips with different medical conditions. The account is constantly updated with the latest news and surgical cases helping medical students explore the world of medicine. Figure1 also has a separate app for Android and iOS devices, which can help you in your journey to becoming a brilliant doctor.

  1. Med School Life

Securing a stellar GPA, completing your homework assignments on time, exuding a proactive involvement in extracurricular activities and dealing with medical school stress, is no easy feat. Therefore, it is critically important for medical students to refresh and recharge their mind. @medschool_life is one of the most inspirational Instagram accounts for Caribbean medical students, since it is a treasure trove of motivational quotes, hilarious images, and interesting memes to help you stay motivated during your medical education.

  1. Medspiration

This Instagram account is replete with inspirational images and quotes to keep medical students on their toes and restore their faith in their education and discipline. You will also find a number of informational videos which can boost your clinical knowledge.

  1. Inside The Boards

The InsideTheBoards Instagram page is a repository of a lot of informative images and videos that  can help students prepare for USMLE Step1, and COMLEX. From motivational quotes to informative images and videos, you will find a lot of useful content that will eventually help you succeed in a Caribbean medical school.

  1. Cincinnati Children’s Radiology

If you are interested in the field of radiology, then following @cincykidsrad is a worthwhile idea. This account specifically features images and videos related to radiology procedures and radiographic findings of a myriad medical conditions with an in-detailed explanation of each. Following this account will definitely help you decipher radiology reports, such as MRI, CT scans, ultrasound and X-ray which play a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of a medical illness.

In Closing

Undoubtedly, Instagram is serving as a great learning tool for medical students all over the world. Facilitating discussions, useful study material, exciting new ideas, useful tips, and interesting short videos, make learning complex medical concepts and principle more engaging and fun.

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