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Top 6 YouTube Channels To Help Medical Students Study Better

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Being on top of your game while studying in a medical school is not an easy task. Despite the myths, there are not enough number of students at medical students who have sharp memories. To earn good grades throughout medical school, students are required to master all the coursework that is filled with a ton of daunting complex information. However, there are studies that suggest creating short videos that explain the intricate concepts simply makes learning a lot easier for students.

So, when you are stuck on a topic that you’re unable to decipher, then it is much wiser to tune in to your favorite YouTube medical channel to learn the concept in five minutes rather than trying to make it on your own for an hour or two. To tell the truth, online videos tutorials and courses have made learning a lot more efficient and easier, especially for medical students who are required to complete complex coursework assignments during they four-year stay at their medical schools.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 best medical YouTube channels that will surely make learning medicine not only simple but enjoyable as well. Have a look!

  1. MedCram Videos

MedCram is one of the best YouTube medical channels that offers easily understandable medical information and prepares you for your exams. The channel uses simple illustrations and clear explanations which greatly help medical students learn complex concepts.

The channel featuring educational videos that mainly cover topics related to MCAT exam preparation, quizzes, diseases, symptoms, treatment, medical procedures and more. It is a great learning resource for students struggling to improve their academic knowledge and earning good grades.

The channel is hosted by Dr. Roger Seheult who is a critical care medicine specialist and exam preparation instructor.

  1. FTP Lectures

It is one of the best medical YouTube channels that provides educational videos, online guides and practice questions, making it easier for medical students to understand intricate medical concepts and terminologies.

The Future Teaching Physicians, FTP YouTube channel consists of explanatory lectures on biochemistry, pathophysiology, gastrointestinal system, pathology and many inspirational videos that help students to succeed in the field of medicine.

The best part of this medical channel is that all the lectures are clinically oriented, making complex diseases interesting and easier to understand.

  1. Khan Academy Medicine

Khan Academy Medicine YouTube channel consists of highly-informative educational videos that every medical student should see. The peculiarity of this medical channel is that it provides high-quality, excellently explained lectures on topics that are relevant throughout medical school.

From cardiovascular disorders to gastrointestinal problems, MCAT exam prep guide to critical analysis and reasoning skills practice questions, you will short, to-the-point and highly informative videos that will surely advance your knowledge base and clinical skills.

  1. Osmosis

The ultimate goal of Osmosis YouTube channel is to give medical students a deeper understanding and visual explanation of medical topics such as pathophysiology. In addition, Osmosis also create educational content for test preparation.

Every video uploaded on this channel is well-illustrated, information-rich and provide simple and clear explanations of highly complicated topics.

Those who find it difficult to understand neurological disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, epilepsy and bipolar disorder can watch their videos to master these concepts.

  1. Lecturio Medical Videos 


With hundreds of hours of video lectures on a variety of medical topics, Lecturio helps you achieve high scores in your medical school, USMLE, MCAT and other renowned medical board exams. If you’ve got a very strict timeline to prepare for USMLE then you can consult Lecturio’s repository of USMLE -style questions to help you remember what you’ve learned. But like every good student, you know nothing beats good old comprehensive textbook study.

Another great thing about this channel is that it not only helps pre-med, medical or nursing students with their studies but also helps the general public in understanding the fundamentals of medicine and how one can stay fit and healthy.

  1. Armando Hasudungan Biology & Medicine videos 

Armando Hasudungan is a science communicator at Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney who is running a YouTube channel. Armando uses impressive hand-drawn illustrations in his videos that cover myriad topics such as endocrinology, immunology, cardiovascular system, neurology and a lot more. The sheer amount of educational content on a variety of medical topics is simply impressive.

So, if you are thinking of applying to or are already studying at a Caribbean school of medicine, aforementioned channels will help you a great deal in laying down a very strong foundation for not only becoming exceptional academically but also as a professional physician when you’ll go out on the field.

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