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The Great Dilemma: Attend Medical School Part-Time or Retire Early?

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Employment decisions are generally based upon the balance between family time and desired income. Who doesn’t want to spend time with their children, right?
If you are willing to retire early as a medical professional, you can start part-time at a medical school. After moving to the second phase of your life, that is marriage, and when you will have kids, you will have two choices. Either you retire early or work full-time. Below we argue the pros and cons of each side.

Clearly, money is the first motivator. After you’re done with a school of medicine you need to decide whether you need to go full-time or start with part-time. Clearly full-time means more money, but part time will provide you vast experience. Although the investment returns are different for both, it is best not to put all your eggs in one nest and start with full-time right after you finish your medical school.

Quality time is the key to a successful life. You need to have a balance between life and work. What good is the money, if you are not able to enjoy some time with your family. If you start early in your medical career you can retire early and have some quality time with your family.

Adolescents (ages 12-17) is essential than an equivalent time spent with children (ages 3-11). The time spent with adolescents need not be large: the average was 6 hours/week. For quality time with your family, you need to plan early retirement.

Job Satisfaction
This two-word phrase may be an oxymoron to some, but others honestly enjoy their work. Most of the doctors love their profession, but few work just because they need something to survive. Loving your work in a hard part, but if you start with part-time you will have experience and self-awareness which will help you take a better decision when going for full-time.

To Conclude
On concluding end you need to keep track of who is winning. Families don’t generally “win” or “lose” when settling on these sorts of choices. Surely, each issue is not as straightforward as we have compared that whether you go part-time or retire early you need to keep balance for both.

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