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The Doctor Shortage in North America: How Our Caribbean Medical School Is Preparing Students for the Future

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In case you are unaware of it: There is a serious doctor shortage in North America. Unfortunately, this dearth of physicians seems likely to worsen before circumstances begin to improve.
While this is certainly not an optimal state of affairs, it does mean that this is the perfect time to consider a future in medicine. If you have been thinking about becoming a doctor, Windsor University School of Medicine welcomes you to apply to our St. Kitts medical school. We are happy to prepare the students of today for a career that will benefit everyone involved.

Taking a Look at the North American Doctor Shortage 

The deficiency in the number of doctors in North America could be staggering by the year 2025. If this issue is not reversed, it could have a noticeably negative impact on society at large.
These are some of the major points you should know:

  • Baby Boomers – One of the primary factors leading to the shortage is the Baby Boomer generation. A considerable percentage of this age group has reached retirement age, while others in the group are nearing that age. This means that this sizable generation of people will be experiencing an increasing number of health conditions. It has been predicted that the projected number of physicians available will not be nearly enough to meet the demand.
    • Doctors, too– Additionally, all of the doctors who happen to be Baby Boomers will also retire. This will contribute to the insufficient amount of doctors expected to be in practice in 2025.
    • Affordable Care Act– In the United States, the Affordable Care Act (often referred to as Obamacare) has left many more Americans insured than perhaps ever before in the U.S. That has led to more people seeking medical attention, including preventative care. This has increased the demand for physicians in the U.S. In fact, the shortage could be as high as 90,000 by 2025 (and it could happen as soon as 2020).
    • Canadian Healthcare – The Canadian healthcare system is experiencing the same dearth of physicians as the United States. Waiting lists for Canadian patients are among some of the longest, and the lack of doctors is likely to become even more severe over the next decade.

How the Shortage of Doctors May Work to Your Advantage 
At WUSOM, we understand how dire the need is for a new generation of doctors. Our goal is to produce plenty of highly competent, well-trained graduates who will take the place of the doctors who are ready to retire. We get applicants from every corner of North America, from Los Angeles to Miami to Vancouver. When you return to your country of origin, you will be serving an invaluable purpose. Windsor University provides an excellent Caribbean medical school education. We look forward to producing the doctors of the future, and we hope our graduates will be able to help reverse the physician shortage that is currently being experienced, and predicted to worsen.

Call WUSOM today at 1-869-466-1220/6157 to learn how to earn your degree at our St. Kitts best Caribbean medical university. You are also welcome to complete our online contact form.

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