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The Alumni Interview with Dr. Mohammad Ali

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As a high-school senior who’s about to graduate, you must be thinking about either throwing an awesome graduation party or planning to attend one. In the back of your mind, you might also be wondering in which college/university to apply for admission or where to apply for internship before your college life begins. For that reason, you may be searching for the best universities on the internet.


So, how do you determine which is the best way to enroll in a university that’s most appropriate for the degree you’re you wish to acquire? Some prefer word-of-mouth, some prefer university reputation and rating, while others go for first-hand accounts of alumni.
To give you an in-depth insight into the dynamic life at Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), we engaged one of our esteemed alumnus, Dr. Mohammad Ali – Prelim General Surgery Resident at Waterbury Hospital, Connecticut to share his experiences while his journey with us at WUSOM. So, scroll down and witness what everyday life entails on the campus of WUSOM through the eyes of Dr. Mohammad Ali.


Why Did You Choose Windsor University School of Medicine?

I chose WUSOM because it provided my family an affordable opportunity to help me pursue my dreams of becoming a physician. An opportunity I may not have had if I stayed in the United States.
Furthermore, a family friend who completed his residency in Chicago recommended the school to me. I remember him telling me that if I focused on my dreams and worked hard, things will all work out. I am humbled to say that he was right.


How Would You Describe Your Experiences at WUSOM?

I would describe my experiences in WUSOM as a blessing. The students, staff, and faculty have treated me like a family, and I am very humbled to have an opportunity to share my thoughts and story with everyone.
Windsor University School of Medicine gave my hopes and dreams of becoming a physician a platform, and I utilized that platform to work hard on a daily basis. I was provided with all of the tools I needed to learn and excel on the USMLE exams and during my clinical rotations.


Did You Have Many People Who Questioned Why You Were Going to School in the Caribbean?

No, not really. I was very fortunate to have support from family, friends, and mentors who had much confidence in me that I will be a physician no matter which school I went to. At the end of the day, all that matters is how much effort you are willing to put in every day.


What Area of Medicine Are You Most Interested In?

I am most interested in surgery. It is sort of a deep story, so I do want you to take a moment to prepare yourself for it.
Call it a gut feeling, a super strong hunch, an instinct, a big dream, fate, destiny, or whatever; it’s hard to explain, but I just knew with all of my being that I am meant to do surgery.
What Influenced You to Become a Physician?

That’s a good question. No one in my family has a background in medicine, in fact, my maternal and paternal side of the family were all farmers. Once I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in pre-med Biology, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I also did not know if I could even make it as a doctor.
I accidentally found that for me reading books at a medium pace cover to cover helped me memorize and understand things well. Each cover to cover completion of the same textbook made the information more clear.
I found my passion in working with people and being a team member to help the community.
Apply to Windsor University School of Medicine Today

If you are inspired by Dr. Mohammad Ali and would like to pursue your dream of becoming a healthcare professional, fill out our application. We welcome all international students to apply to study medicine on beautiful campus on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean.

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