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The 3 Most Effective Review Techniques for Medical Students

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Making Mindmaps
The most efficient way to remember things is to turn them into mind maps. With Mindmaps you will be able to jot down notes on a single A4 size paper.
Once you’ve made the mindmap of the lecture, you can then put it in your room as a constant reminder for the future.
One benefit you’ll get is, you can never forget the lecture when it is in front of your eyes. Secondly, you have an art that can act as a decoration piece for your room.
Flash Cards
If you’re into quizzes you’ll know the importance of flashcards.
Flashcards can also be used to review with efficiency.
Simply write down the name of the disease and associate it with something you’re already familiar with. This will help you to create memorable flash cards.
Group Learning
Let’s face it, review can be quite lonely and sometimes it’s a really good idea to have your friends around you while you review.
If for example, you can’t remember how your teacher explained a specific concept, you can ask one of your friends to go over it for you. It seems sometimes, our friends can put ideas in more memorable concepts than our teachers. One warning though. Do not take these group studies as a medium to catch up with your friends. You have a purpose to review, and group study can accelerate the learning process.

Alongside these tips for reviewing anything, remember that taking regular breaks can also aid you in reviewing faster. After 45 minutes of study, take a break for 5-10 minutes. And in those 10 minutes, do something that is diffident then your study.

Review for medical students is not an easy thing. If you’re struggling with review, make sure you talk to your teacher about it.
It is good to keep the teacher in the loop. They will help you to get through this.
In the end, you need to devise a strategy that works for you. Whether use the tips above or you can invent something of your own.

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