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5 Ways Medical Students Benefit from Smaller Class Sizes

5 Ways Medical Students Benefit from Smaller Class Sizes

Medical school is a rigorous and demanding journey that prepares future physicians to serve the healthcare needs of society. Among various factors influencing the quality of education in medical schools, class size stands out as a crucial determinant. Smaller class sizes in medical education offer numerous advantages that significantly impact the learning experience and professional […]

How can Medical Students Benefit from a Strong Support System

Medical Students

Take a trip down the memory lane. When did you last ask for advice or confided in someone? Did that conversation have a positive effect on you? Did you feel comforted, or perhaps found the solution to a seemingly insurmountable problem? We hope you didn’t have to travel too far back since when the going […]

Traditional Vs. Non-traditional Medical Students: Everything You Need to Know

The field of medicine is one that values diversity and inclusion, not only in the patients it serves but also in the healthcare professionals it educates. Caribbean Medical Schools in the United States have witnessed a notable shift in recent years, with an increasing number of non-traditional medical students entering the fray. Gone are the […]