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Study Tips for Students in Basic & Clinical Science Programs

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No matter how hardworking and dedicated you are, medical school can be challenging. The reward for all of that hard work is a highly stimulating and fulfilling career that pays well. At Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), you will have the opportunity to balance your study time by exploring all that St. Kitts has to offer.

Making the most of your study time will enable you to absorb all that you learn here. You will get the maximum benefit from the curriculum, and you will still have time to enjoy yourself immersed in the Caribbean lifestyle.


Benefitting from Student Services at Your Caribbean Medical School

If you are not aware of the student services at WUSOM, you should explore them at your earliest convenience. Our student handbook provides a wealth of information on the many aspects of attending our school.
The most important part of your experience will be learning and studying the materials. Here are some quick tips for optimal studying:


  • Take a Walk– If you are having trouble focusing on the task at hand, take a break and go for a walk. The light exercise will be enough to give your brain the boost it needs. You might literally feel as though you are clearing your head. This is also a trick you can use just before you take a test. Instead of cramming in the last moments before an exam, go for a quick walk to increase your stamina.
  • Download an App– When you are studying online, you can easily become distracted. Temptations abound, from checking your social media accounts to browsing entertainment sites. Instead, download an app specifically designed to block various websites. Do an online search for apps that block distractions online. Be sure to do this before your next study session, so you do not get distracted in the process!
  • Listen to Music– Music can help you focus on what you are learning. Experiment to determine the types of music that works best for you. Results will vary according to your individual preferences and responsiveness. Sounds from nature work very well for some people, while playing their favorite pop songs works better for others. Classical music could stimulate you or make you feel too relaxed to concentrate. Perhaps you may respond better to a certain kind of music in the morning than you do late at night.
  • Join a Group– You might study more productively if you join a study group. If you find a particular subject to be dry and boring, listening to others may help you gain a new perspective. The free exchange of different ideas might also aid you in retaining what you have learned.

Succeeding in a Caribbean Basic & Clinical Science Program

Whether you are currently enrolled in our Caribbean pre-medical sciences courses, our clinical science program or our basic science program, studying is certainly a major part of your life. WUSOM takes pride in helping our students in every aspect of campus life. We know that the ultimate goal is a career in medicine, and we are delighted to assist you in reaching that objective. The beauty of attending medical school in St. Kitts is that you will have the best of both worlds at your fingertips: a gorgeous backdrop and an education that will propel you to success.


Contact WUSOM for more details on our Caribbean basic science program and our clinical science program.

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