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Study Suggests: Biomedical Knowledge is a Must for Mastering Medical Illustrations

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Journal of Audiovisual Media in Medicine reveals that use of advanced imaging technology in medicine has tripled in the last decade from 5% to 17%. Most of the medical professionals don’t know this but the fact is advanced medical imaging technologists are highly sought-after professionals in hospitals, imaging labs, clinics & research centers.

This shows that there’s a promising job market of these professionals across the globe – and it all begins with extensive knowledge base of the field of arts. By fusing artistic knowledge with scientific knowledge, you create an avenue that’s both lucrative and has immense potential to change lives.

The Growing Illustration Field

The department that deals with art and science for medical school is known as the department of art for medical students. This field of medicine gained a lot of attention in the past few years as the research done by Association of Medical Illustrators concluded that Biomedical animators in Canada and elsewhere are seeing rising demand for their work from sectors including academic research, publishing, biotechnology and the drug industry. Animation studios have proliferated in the past five years, and medical illustration master’s degree programmers have expanded their class sizes, with graduates generally able to find jobs with animation firms and research institutions. More and more scientists are seeking out animators, and a few, hoping to tinker with animation to aid their research rather than build a full-fledged career in it, are learning to use the tools themselves.

As of today, art is applied to medical studies for creating medical illustrations and this degree awarded after completing a two-year degree program in Master of Arts program in Medical and Biological Illustration.

About the Medical Illustrations Program

This two-year program of Master of Science trains students in the field of medical illustration, the use of visual equipment and the procedures of visual representation on the practical level. All of these rendered visuals appear in various mediums including medical textbooks, patient history, and pharmaceutical materials which make it easier for artists and medical students to no longer depend upon the paper.

If we talk about the history of this glorious field of medicine. It dates back to 3rd century BC when the drawings were made of sheets of papyrus. While in the modern era same is done on advanced tools like 3d modeling and VR technology.

Success Rates for Medical Students

Many of the students who visit the international medical university for clinical science graduate programs or basic medical science degree show interest in visual arts and are naturally gifted in the field of arts. According to the survey done by The Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) over 92% of the graduates are working full-time, freelancing right after they graduated from the medical school.

Most of the medical illustration studios are looking for biomedical students from around the globe to take better care of their patients. There is also a tv series by the name Pure Genius which clearly shows the importance of medical illustration to progress further in the field of medical science. This infect is an additional advantage for every medical student who is willing to try something from the field of medicine.

The Ministry of Labour Canada reported that the number of employed fine artists was predicted to grow 4% from 2012-2022. The number of art and design workers and multimedia artists was projected to grow 5-6%, respectively, over the decade. This concludes the urgent need of biomedical knowledge in the field medical illustration.

Windsor University School of Medicine Supports Your Artistic Interests

Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM) would like to support any student who is interesting in pursuing medical illustrations. There is an increasing demand for this area of expertise and will appeal to the more creative students studying at WUSOM. If you would like help to pursue medical illustrations, be sure to visit our student services in the Caribbean. Windsor University School of Medicine can help yo achieve your goals!

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