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Should I Get Travel Insurance to Study Medicine in the Caribbean?

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If you are going to a Caribbean medical school, you will need to take certain steps before you leave. One of the main details you must handle is getting a student visa before you arrive overseas. Another detail to consider is how to cover your losses if something is stolen or if you get sick. Whether you are coming from Chicago, Miami, or Toronto, you might want to purchase travel insurance while you pursue your degree at an international medical school.

Before You Leave for a Caribbean Medical School Education

As you consider the requirements for Caribbean medical school, it will probably occur to you that getting a student visa may be one of those requirements. However, the concept of getting travel insurance might not occur to you until it is too late. The following tips can help you explore the topic further:

  • Lost or Stolen Luggage– Although you probably hope that your luggage won’t be stolen or lost overseas, it can happen. Without proper travel coverage, you could begin your medical school courses with an avoidable financial deficit. If you are faced with a typical college student’s budget, losing one or all of your bags can be devastating. Another benefit that may be provided by your insurance provider is coverage for damaged luggage or other items.
  • Important Documents– Some travel policies cover the loss of essential travel documents, which could include your passport or your student visa for Caribbean medical school. If your policy includes this as a feature, then it might also provide fee reimbursement when you reapply for the documents.
  • Trip Cancellation– If your flight to the Caribbean is cancelled because of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, travel coverage could help you get reimbursed for the loss. You might also be covered if your trip is cancelled due to financial issues on the part of your travel company. If you become seriously ill and must cancel or postpone the trip, you may be reimbursed then, as well.
  • Hospitalization Expenses– Student health insurance may cover some medical expenses, and a student health clinic can provide care for basic health concerns. However, you will need money for living expenses if you are hospitalized. If you are a citizen of the United States or Canada, your health care insurance will not likely cover medical expenses when you are abroad. Having travel insurance can make your life easier should a medical emergency or health issue arise. Travel insurance might also cover your needs if there is a medical evacuation during your overseas stay.
  • Where to Get Travel Insurance– Acquiring travel insurance is easy, and this type of coverage is offered by many major insurance companies. You can search for the kind of policy you want at websites such as and Some of these sites also enable you to compare policies.

Study Medicine in the Caribbean and Be Safe

You cannot prevent some unfortunate incidents from occurring, no matter where you go to school. Issues like theft and being hospitalized can be alarming enough when you are at home. They might seem particularly scary when you are studying abroad. Instead of risking much financial loss in the event of an emergency, you might consider getting travel insurance. Windsor University School of Medicine wants you to have the best possible experience while studying medicine in the Caribbean. That means attending classes with peace of mind, so you are free to focus on achieving your degree. Contact us for more details on traveling to study medicine in the Caribbean.

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