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School Scholarships and Financial Aid for Caribbean Medical School

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Regardless of your geographical location and financial circumstances, financing medical school is a major expense. Whether you currently live in Houston, Toronto, Miami, or San Juan, you might find it challenging to pay for your medical education.


You may already know that Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM) is a relatively affordable Caribbean medical school. Compared with the most expensive medical schools in the United States, the cost to attend WUSOM is minimal. Even compared with the most affordable in-state U.S. schools, WUSOM’s annual fees are about half or less than the average yearly tuition. However, you will likely require some form of financial aid to cover your overall costs.
Tips on Paying for the Tuition of Your Caribbean Medical School

When you study medicine at our reputable, accredited school in St. Kitts, you will have a variety of financing options:

  • Scholarships – Your first step might be to apply for some scholarships. Once you have been accepted for a scholarship, you will have a better idea of where you stand financially. WUSOM offers an array of scholarships. Students may apply for various academic scholarships, one created specifically for veterans, and another for certified medical professionals. Other possibilities include a scholarship for international students, as well as one for students who belong to WUSOM-approved organizations.
  • Financial Aid – Another tried-and-true strategy is to apply for financial aid. Although you will not likely have access to Caribbean government grants if you are a foreign student, you can strategize to receive government assistance from your country of origin. In the United States, for example, you may be able to transfer from your current school in order to receive government funding.
  • Loans – Applying for a loanis a viable option if you qualify. Students may apply at several banks for loans to help defray their medical school costs. If you need some help in navigating the process or providing the required documentation, WUSOM’s financial aid office is happy to be of service. If you have a solid credit history, you might also consider getting financing from an alternative lending source.
  • Tuition Payment Plan– You may also contact the financial aid office for information about WUSOM’s tuition payment plan. This plan enables you to pay monthly fees without being charged interest.
  • Money-Saving Tips– In addition to applying for various forms of assistance, you should also be aware of a few tips and tricks to save money. Purchase textbooks online when you can. Be sure that you use a comparison travel site when you book your travel accommodations. As any medical student may attest, you should also get in the habit of being frugal in general while you are in school. That could mean eating out less often and spending less on entertainment. You will have plenty of disposable income in the future when you are a doctor, so the sacrifices you make now are well worth the effort.

An International Medical School Education Is Within Your Reach

Do not be daunted by the thought of financing your foreign medical education. WUSOM is always willing to help you in applying for the assistance you need. We are here to guide you through every step of the rewarding journey that lies ahead. Contact us for more information on covering the costs of our affordable Caribbean medical school.

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