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Rules That Will Help You Survive as a Clinical Medical Student

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Never Miss a Chance to Eat

In medical they say, if you see a donut, eat it right away. If you have some extra time, do lunch. If you’re waiting for your teacher eat a snack. The reason behind this is as medical students you will be extremely busy throughout the day. So, whenever you can spare some time to eat, go for it.
Carry All The Necessary Things With You All The Time
You need to keep survival kit all the time with you. The list might include your name tag, 2+ pens, your stethoscope, energy bar or some other snack, your family contact information, your phone charger, and your patient list.
Your resident is always right
Your resident can make your life hell very easily. They are always busy, which makes them short tempered. These are the people who might be sending you home at the end of the day or writing your evaluation.
DO NOT CROSS and we repeat DO NOT CROSS your limits with them.
The only acceptable circumstance that you have the right to say anything is when your resident is wrong. And even that you must convey it in a tone that they don’t feel offended.
Because if they do, there will be problems for you.

Be Punctual
Being early is always a good thing to do. If there is a conference at 6:30 am, you better be there by 6 am.
You can arrive early and have Coffee with the other meds student there. You can look for fourth-year medical school advice from students that are sitting in the assigned area.
And the word of advice. You need to beat the residents every time. Because if you’re perceived as late in front of the resident. And if so, this will affect your grades big time.
Be early anyways. Explore the area and familiarize yourself with the place.
Being early has its own benefits. Once you go early, you will start realizing the power of punctuality.
To Conclude

These are just general rules which helped thousands of medical students. Whether you’re studying in a local medical school or an international medical school, these will help you a lot.

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