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Reasons Your Student Visa Might Have Been Denied

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Along with your other requirements for Caribbean medical school, you may need to apply for a student visa. The student visa is mandatory if you are not already a resident of the area. If your visa application is denied, then you won’t be able to attend classes in St. Kitts.

At Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), we want you to succeed at every step of the educational process. Every detail matters, from your student visa application to your application for residency. Whether you are coming from Los Angeles, Detroit, or Toronto, you do not want your visa application to be denied. Therefore, the student visa is an integral aspect of fulfilling your requirements.


Why a Student Visa for Caribbean Medical School Might Be Denied

In many cases, an application might be denied simply because an important detail was overlooked. To prevent that from happening, you will need to pay close attention to all of the specifications. Before you submit your application, be meticulous about covering every detail. As you fulfill each one, check it off on a list. Once you have completed the list, go back and examine the conditions again. The following are some of the most common reasons for denial:

  • Inadequate Funds– You must prove that you have enough funds to sustain your temporary residency in St. Kitts. Even as a student, you cannot obtain a visa if you are deemed incapable of providing for yourself during your stay. To get proper authorization in St. Kitts, you must provide three months of bank statements.
  • Failure to Prove Intent to Return Home– You will need to demonstrate to the consulate that you intend to return home after graduation. You can provide a variety of evidence to prove your intention, including financial statements. You might submit a statement of interest from a potential employer. You can also offer written statements from your family, affirming that you expect to come home.
  • Security Check Failure– If you are flagged by the system as a potential security risk, you probably will not be approved. In cases such as this, you might not have success even if you reapply.
  • Poor Academic History– You can be denied if your academic records are not up to par. This could indicate that you might not be committed to your education. In turn, that might mean that you do not intend to spend your time in St. Kitts studying.
  • Providing False Documents– Don’t provide fake documents. If a document is identified as false, you will probably not get a second chance. Be honest and show integrity during every aspect of the application process.

Consult Student Services for Windsor University School of Medicine

If you have any questions or concerns about being approved for a student visa, do not hesitate to consult our Student Services team. WUSOM has a Visa Coordinator, and we list the student visa requirements on our website.


Contact us today, so we can assist you in obtaining a student visa for your Caribbean medical school application.

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