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Making Use of the Student of Medicine Handbook and Student Services at Your Caribbean Medical School

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Once you apply to and are accepted into the Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM), you will have many details to consider. In addition to becoming familiar with the school’s curriculum, you should be aware of the student services at WUSOM. Make sure you are familiar with the policies and procedures of our university, so you may remain compliant at all times. You will need to know what is considered proper conduct here, as well.


Using the Student Handbook while Getting Your Caribbean Medical Degree

One of the best ways to get to know your new school is to study the student handbook. Our school’s handbook is filled with information you need as a WUSOM student. From policies to curriculum to conduct, virtually all of the topics you might have questions about are in there.
We know you probably have a broad assortment of questions, so here are some of the most common ones, as well as where they might be answered in our handbook:


  • What Should I Know About Enrollment?– You will find answers to your enrollment concerns in the Enrollment section of the manual. There, you can browse the latest information about admission requirements, technical standards, registration, tuition, and fees. This section also contains facts about scholarshipsfinancial aid, and refund policies. Finally, you may also turn to this section if you have questions about the student identification card and the academic calendar.
  • What Are the School’s Policies and Procedures? – The Policies and Procedures portion will inform you of all you need to know. Browse this part of the book for information on attendance, taking a leave of absence, and withdrawal. Read here for our policies on assessment, evaluations and promotion. Read through this section for details about our student health policy, health insurance, and disability insurance. Find transcripts information, graduation policies, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You may also look here for our policies on Basic Scienceand Clinical Science.
  • Where Can I Find the Curriculum?– You will find an overview of our curriculum under the Academics tab on our website. To get more detailed information, look at the Curriculum section of our student guidebook. This portion contains a wealth of information about the coursework for our Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences courses. It also offers details about medical licensure after graduation.
  • What Committees are in Place at WUSOM, and What Purposes do they Serve?– The Committees part of the manual will answer this question for you. Find what you need to know about the Curriculum Committee, the Grievance and Ethics Committee, and the Student Promotion Committee. Browse information about Faculty Development and Affairs, as well as the Research Committee. You can also explore the Admissions Committee and the Library Committee.
  • What Student Services Are Available?– Consult the Student Services part of the handbook to discover what we have to offer in that area. You may explore information on student counseling, academic advisement, and our student health clinic. Read about our library services, bookstore, and publications. Find what you need to know about our campus transportation, safety and security services, and support services for disabled students.
  • What Should I Know About Student Conduct? – To become educated on what we expect from our students in terms of conduct, go to the Student Conduct part of the book. You will see what you must know about our code of conduct and our dress code. You can also find information about where we stand on drug and alcohol abuse, as well as details on random drug testing and our background check. Learn about the process for academic and non-academic grievances, as well as student mistreatment and student harassment.

Turn to the Student Handbook at WUSOM

Our guidebook contains everything described here and more. At WUSOM, we want you to be well-informed, so use our student handbook as a convenient tool. Whether you are from Boston, Hoover, or Toronto, we want you to get the most from your experience here.
Contact us today, and we will help you take advantage of our student services while you work to achieve your Caribbean medical degree.

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