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How to Strengthen Application to International Medical School

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Like every young pre-med student, you might have dreams of becoming a successful and prodigious physician one day because this is your calling. Or you are fascinated by the latest trends and innovations that are taking place every day in the world of medicine and you want to shine brightly like one of the stars of this galaxy. Or you simply fall into the category of those fanatics who are inspired by medical reality shows.


Whatever your reason may be, medicine is an arena that is constantly evolving and advancements are made with exciting new discoveries every day.


Is a Degree in Medicine Really Worth It?

Ignoring all the negative aspects, we still find many pre-meds students are boggled with the question, whether going for a medicine degree is worth it or not. However, if you talk to actual medical students or the professionals working in the medical field, you might conclude that the perks of this noble profession are arguably far more than the cons. As you might have realized, most of the people squander their lives searching for a fulfilling career path, this stands true for the individuals that are already ardent about unifying care of humanity with a spark of science. 


Basic Requirements of Enrolling in an International School of Medicine

  • In order to enroll yourself in any foreign School of Medicine, it is preferred that applicants possess an undergraduate degreefrom a credited institution. Every school of medicine has their own admission requirements. Although it is obvious but science proves that if you feel excited about something, you will develop a willingness to succeed, and once that is done, your chances to enroll yourself in a good school of medicine will be more.
  • A good practice is to develop a strong medical backgroundbefore applying in any business school. Applicants with extra course work in science are preferred. These days coursework in genetics, human anatomy, human physiology, pre-medical, biochemistry, or higher level science courses such as philosophy and ethics psychology are given vast importance than normal pre-med courses.
  • Most of the international institutes including Caribbean medical universities ask for ‘personal essay’which normally comprises of individual’s aspirations for growing in the field of medicine. US News reports that the average medical school acceptance rate is 18% or lower, but if you have a good medical personal essay, this shoots up to 38%.


Complete Your Application to Windsor University School of Medicine

By going through above requirements you can get an idea what lies ahead. But since medicine is a respectable profession where you must put the needs of others above yourself, where you need to put your ego aside and do what is best for others, you need to make sure that you love the profession before enrolling into any institute. If medicine is one of your passions, apply to Windsor University School of Medicine. It is now time to go write your personal essay and show us your interest and dedication! If you have any questions, give us a call or email and we will be happy to help.

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