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How to Make the Most of Online Learning During Coronavirus Outbreak

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The coronavirus outbreak is having a significant impact on schools, colleges, and universities all over the globe. Schools and universities are closed and making plans for how to continue their students’ education and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Different schools and colleges are encouraging teachers to move courses online classes to keep their students learning and stay positive in times of uncertainty. This is why many schools are offering online courses until the pandemic ends.

The availability of technology and online resources have made it easier for teachers and students to provide and receive quality education. Here are some effective learning strategies for medical students that will prepare them for the transition from a traditional classroom to online.

Let’s get started.

Create a Dedicated Study Space

When you are taking online classes, you need to find a quiet space where you can maintain your focus. While choosing the study area for your online classes, make sure the place is free from any distractions and have enough spaces for your laptop, books, notes, electric outlet, and other gadgets. By creating a dedicated study area, you will feel more focused and productive, which will eventually help you learn things fast.

Keep the Place Tidy

Studying from home requires self-discipline, self-motivation, and a clutter-free environment. You can’t study effectively and maintain your focus if the place is cluttered and disorganized. Make sure the place you choose for your online classes should be clean, tidy, and clutter-free. In many situations, you may be asked to turn on your webcam to participate in the live session. So, you should pay special attention to what your teachers and other fellows will see in the background when your webcam is on.

Create a Schedule

It is important to check your email, medical school’s website, and social media channels for any announcements, requirements, and assignment due dates. Doing so will keep you updated on what workload is coming and avoid any unpleasant surprises down the line. In order to organize your study schedule, you can use an online calendar and set reminders to facilitate your online studies.

You can break up your workload into small manageable chunks so that you will not feel overwhelmed. Besides taking online classes, you should also participate in other tasks, such as reading books, watch medical YouTube channels, listening to podcasts, participating in forums, and much more. This way, you can hone your time management skills and can best utilize your time during coronavirus quarantine.

Figure out How You Learn Best

Once you decided a dedicated study area for online learning, now is the time to find the best time for studying. Keep in mind that not everyone learns the same way. Many students can best absorb intricate concepts and confusing terminologies in the morning, while some students feel more productive at night.  Similarly, some students are visual learners, while others learn best by listening. Try to find the best learning style and time and fit into your study schedule to take maximum advantage of your online learning.

Keep Socializing

Just because your campus is closed, and you can’t meet your teachers and other students in person doesn’t mean you can’t socialize. Reach out and connect with your professors and other classmates to maintain a greater sense of community. Use social media, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and other apps to maintain social contact.

You can use these platforms for productive discussions like ask and answer questions to enhance your understanding of the particular topic you are currently studying in your online classes. It will also help you strengthen your concepts and build a strong bond with other students. It is a great strategy to create a study group that will help you prepare for your exams, boost your confidence and academic performance.

Reach out to Instructors

During this coronavirus pandemic, when you are taking online classes to complete your courses, it is a great idea to reach out to your instructor for a one-on-one discussion. Ask them to help regarding the course material, assignment, or anything that you find it difficult to solve on your own. Engaging with your instructors will allow you to remove any ambiguity regarding the understanding of the concept and will enable you to succeed in your online classes.

Give your Brain a Rest

You are staying at home and taking online classes. You don’t have to do different things like commuting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break. Set aside time for other tasks and take proper breaks to keep your mind fresh and increases your productivity. Listen to your favorite singer, watch a movie, spend time with your family, in short, give your brain a rest to perform better in your online classes.

Concluding Thoughts

Though it sounds tempting to study at your own pace, stay in your pajamas all day and watch your favorite shows all night. To make the most of your online education and achieve academic success, you have to stay organized to avoid any academic mishaps. Studying from home requires self-discipline and more determination compared to traditional classes. Hopefully, these self-learning tips will help you learn at your best and make the most of your online education during this coronavirus pandemic.

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