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How Many Medical Schools Should I Apply to – 7 Things to Keep in Mind

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As an aspiring doctor, choosing the school that will be the best fit for you is one of the big decisions of your life. Deciding where you are going to submit your medical school application needs careful planning and research. Selecting the best medical school in the Caribbean that follows the U.S. curriculum, uses cutting-edge medical technologies, state-of-the-art teaching tools, advanced training methods, digital classrooms, and offers clinical rotations in the U.S. and Canada can help you become a qualified doctor.

How Many Medical Schools Should I Apply to – What You Need to Learn

Deciding where to apply, how many medical should I apply to and factors to consider before making the decision are the questions every future medical school student should consider. If you are creating a list of medical schools where you are thinking to apply, here are some important strategies you should keep in mind that will help you make the right decision.

Compare Your GPA and MCAT Score

Your GPA and MCAT score are the most important factors that help you decide how many medical schools should you apply to. Securing an impressive GPA and MCAT score will bolster your chances of getting into a top Caribbean medical school. However, there are many Caribbean medical schools that accept students with no MCAT or low GPA.

Before submitting your application, it is advised to compare your GPA and MCAT score with the data published on the website of the Medical School Admissions Requirement (MSAR). It gives you a better idea of how many schools should you apply to. If your MCAT and GPA are lower than average, it is advised to apply to enough number of schools.

Keep Your Financial Situation in Mind

When it comes to deciding how many medical schools should you apply to, it is always a wise approach to check your financial situation. There are many schools that cost money for the primary and secondary application both. So, check your financial state, before sending your medical school application.

Check the Medical School Acceptance Rate

When creating a list of medical schools where you are thinking to apply to and sending your application, it is a great idea to check the websites of the medical schools you are interested in. Applying to a lot of medical schools is a sensible strategy as there are some selective U.S. medical schools with the lowest acceptance rates that accepted less than 4% of applicants for the year 2017-2018. Getting into U.S. medical school can be difficult, but there are are many medical schools in the Caribbean region that have the highest acceptance rate, hassle-free application process, offer quality education and affordable tuition cost.

Consider the Cost of Medical School

Medical school is a major financial investment; therefore, it is important to compare the cost of medical schools you are aiming to apply. Check the average cost of all the schools where you want to apply and then decide whether you are ready to take on the financial burden. Since the cost of medical school tuition is rising gradually, there are many accredited medical schools in the Caribbean like Windsor University School of Medicine that offer affordable tuition fee, making it easier for students to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor.

Keep Medical School Rankings in Mind

As an aspiring physician, your ultimate goal is to find the most prestigious school that has the highest ranking and offers quality education. But keep in mind that a well-respected name in the field doesn’t always promise quality education and advanced clinical training. So, when you are deciding how many schools you should apply to, it is a worthwhile idea to check the medical school rankings. It will give you an in-depth idea of the school’s overall quality.

There are different factors such as GPA, MCAT, residency placement record, acceptance rate, degree completion rate, research activity and available facilities that define the quality of a medical school. Do your research and find out the medical schools with the highest rankings.

Make Sure the School Offers Comprehensive Clinical Training

When selecting the best medical school and deciding how many schools you should apply to, it is important to make sure the school provides advanced clinical training. There are many Caribbean medical schools that are affiliated with teaching hospitals in the U.S. and Canada, offer well-organized and structured clinical rotations. Before sending your application, make sure the school offers clinical rotations in the U.S. and Canada so that you can easily find the residency placements in these countries.

Carefully Check the Residency Placement Information

Residency placement record is the most important information that you should check before deciding where and how many schools to apply. Graduating from an accredited medical school in the Caribbean will make it easier for graduates to secure residency positions in many competitive specialties. Therefore, before making a big decision of your life, it is advised to evaluate residency placement rate and check which specialties a school’s graduates enter.

To Conclude it All

Though it sounds easy to apply only to schools where you want to, doing careful research and keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind will help you create a solid list of schools you would be happy to attend. Don’t limit your options and research the schools and apply where you will get quality MD programs.

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