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How is the Admission process of Windsor University Easier than U.S. Ones?

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Nothing can compare to the stress of attending a medical school, other than applying to it. Though the application process of U.S. and Caribbean medical schools follow along the same lines, the devil is in the details. Here’s how they compare at myriad steps along your admission process, and why WUSOM proves to be a more flexible option:

Flexible Admission Dates

The academic calendars for the U.S. and Caribbean medical schools work quite differently, which might work to your advantage. Windsor University promises rolling admissions, which translate into accepting students more than once a year- typically around September, May, and January. Since the U.S. medical schools incorporate 2 semesters per academic year, you can only glean admission in the fall season. Students who are rejected, have to wait out an entire year to apply again. The catch is that they are not guaranteed acceptance the next year as well, no matter how much they improve their applications.

Holistic Approach to Application Evaluation

Although both U.S. and Caribbean medical schools require candidates to fill out an application and complete the same pre-requisite courses, their standards for determining whether an applicant clarifies or not, vary.  The focus of U.S. medical schools falls more on the numbers, since they receive a barrage of applications. MCAT scores and GPA take precedence over recommendations, personal statements, extracurricular activities, etc. On the other hand, Windsor University believes in taking a holistic approach to evaluating applications. Our decision-making process doesn’t solely rely on your MCAT scores, since our mission is to identify a diverse group of candidates who demonstrate the potential to persevere academically, be compassionate individuals with professional attributes, and personal achievements. We want to provide an equal chance to all students to prove their determination, mettle, and potential, regardless of their MCAT scores.

Easy on the Pockets

Pursuing a career in medicine doesn’t have to break your bank. Unfortunately, the hefty fee structure of most U.S. Medical schools can leave students grappling in loans for a better part of their lives; that is if they could get a loan in the first place. Windsor University School of Medicine, on the other hand, was founded with the goal of providing a broad, exceptional medical education program, accessible to students from across the globe for a reasonable tuition. Windsor achieves that by offering quality medical education at the most affordable tuition price of any accredited medical school.

Increased Acceptance Rates

Only 20,631 students made it through the admissions process of the 52,550 that applied to big-shot U.S. medical universities in 2017. This puts the average acceptance rate at 4 in 10, and we are not even factoring in the Ivy leagues. Boasting a comparatively higher acceptance rate due to fewer applicants, Windsor University doesn’t just see students in the light of their test scores. All students who harbor a fervent passion for medicine should apply to WUSOM and see their dreams realized into thriving reality. Although the admission process is selective, it is nowhere as rigorous or ruthless as U.S. medical schools.

Ease of Application Assistance

It might take weeks after you apply to hear back from the University of your Choice. U.S. medical schools keep their vow of silence until you receive an email with news of rejection or an interview schedule. If you find yourself waiting on your toes to know if your application is complete or even better, for an admissions decision, you should know that Windsor University believes in providing dedicated staff members to help you along with your application at every step of the way. At Windsor, our admission officers can be reached via phone or email, in case you need to make sure that you have submitted all the pertinent documents.

Faster Application Process

At WUSOM, applicants hear about their admissions decision within two to three weeks of applying. On the other hand, U.S. medical schools inform all applicants collectively after the final decision has been made, which can take up to months. If the answer is in the negative, you might have missed your chance to apply to other places in time.

Overall Experience

While both the U.S. and Caribbean medical schools care about their students, WUSOM cares about its applicants as well. We fully comprehend the drive it takes to go through the excruciating journey of applying to medical schools and know that this level of perseverance translates into success in the long run. If we see your spark and passion for the field, we would love to see you become a physician and help you realize your aspirations! Unlike U.S. medical schools, we believe that aptitude isn’t only “numbers deep.”

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