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How Can Premedical Students Prepare Themselves for the MCAT?

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The MCAT is one of the most important medical school admission requirements that every prospective student must fulfill to gain admission in a medical school. Preparing well for MCAT can help students perform well on the test day and score highly impressive marks. MCAT preparation is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to follow the MCAT study schedule and some learning strategies to make your MCAT scores great.

If you are planning to pursue an M.D. program, here are some amazing learning strategies and MCAT preparation tips for premedical students that prepare them well for this important test. Let’s check them out.

Take MCAT Practice Tests

Before appearing in the exam, it is important to take the MCAT practice test to check your medical knowledge and build your confidence. Practice tests will prepare you to maintain your concentration during the test and prepare you to deal with stressful conditions. By taking MCAT practice tests, you can enhance your ability to perform well in this important test. When you know how long it takes to complete the test and what type of questions will appear in the test, you will better prepare for the actual test day.

Identify your Goals

In order to stay motivated and get good grades, identify your goals. Obviously, you are preparing for the MCAT to gain a spot in medical school. Your goal should be more than that. For instance, you want to be a surgeon, dermatologist, pathologist, or uncover the secrets of endocrinology. The MCAT is the roadmap to achieve all these goals.

Create a Perfect Study Schedule

The key to getting an impressive MCAT score is following a perfect study schedule.  Start preparing for the MCAT before the admission deadlines. Many premedical students find it difficult to set aside time for MCAT preparation along with school obligations or full-time jobs. It is recommended to prepare for this important test when you have an easy course. To make the best MCAT study plan, set aside dedicated hours when you have no personal or other obligations. This way, you will be better able to stay focused and invest your energy in MCAT preparation.

Master the MCAT Material

If you really want to get impressive marks on this important test, it is recommended to carefully monitor the MCAT content that is tested on the exam. The MCAT is comprised of four sections:

  1. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  2. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  3. Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  4. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

Premedical students are advised to learn basic biology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, psychology, sociology, biology, humanities, and social sciences disciplines. You can master the material by reading some popular MCAT prep books or watching video lessons that are exclusively created to provide you with essential concepts that will be tested on the MCAT.

Build Confidence

Maintaining concentration for 7-8 hours is not an easy task. Many students find it challenging to stay focused during long hours. Prepare for the test day by taking as many practice tests as possible to build the stamina and confidence you need to ace the MCAT exam. When preparing for the MCAT, make sure to take shorter breaks during the long study session. This strategy will definitely build stamina and boost your confidence levels to perform best on the test day.

Identify Your Weak Areas

When it comes to preparing for the MCAT, it is advised to know the topics, subjects, and content areas that trouble you. By evaluating your strengths and assessing your weak points, you will be better able to focus on those areas that need your attention. You can check the score after taking the practice test, as well as your incorrect answers. Use the test results to figure out what kinds of passages are causing trouble and what are the main causes of your poor performance in the practice test. Evaluating your work enables you to improve your performance by strengthening your concepts.

Focus on Your Mental and Physical Health

You need to be mentally fit before taking the MCAT exam. Get lots of sleep during your MCAT preparation session, set aside time for your favorite hobbies, watch your favorite TV shows to refresh your mind. Similarly, staying physically fit is also important to improve your MCAT score. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, and exercise daily. Keep in mind that when you are physically and mentally fit, you can easily concentrate and answer all the questions.

A Brief Recap

The MCAT score requirements vary from school to school. It is advised to know the average MCAT score requirements to create a study schedule and decide how long you should be preparing for the MCAT. Don’t worry about your undergrad GPA; you can definitely improve your test scores and increase your chances of gaining admission to medical school by following these MCAT preparation tips.

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