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How Can International Students Prepare Themselves for an American Medical School of the Caribbean?

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If you are an international student aiming to attend the American medical school of the Caribbean, you need to keep some important considerations in mind to increase your chances of acceptance. The process of medical school admission is a bit trickier. In order to get into a top medical school, you need to invest a lot of hard work, determination, and effort. Medical schools receive hundreds of thousands of applications every year, being an international student, you need to fully prepare and make sure your application stands out from the crowd.

Since the application process for international students is the same as those for the local students, international students should need to keep some additional things in mind. Here are some effective strategies for international students to gain acceptance to the American University of the Caribbean school of medicine.

Let’s get started.

Do Your Research Thoroughly

Being an international applicant, it is advised to do your research thoroughly and create a list of schools that accept international students. Once you created a list of top Caribbean medical schools such as the Windsor university school of medicine, visit their websites to check if the university is accepting international applicants. It can save you a lot of time and help you avoid potential disappointment.

Complete Prerequisite Coursework Requirements

You can maximize your chances of admittance if you complete the required coursework in advance. Applicants are required to complete prerequisite coursework in general biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, English, and Mathematics. Completing 90 credit hours of these undergraduate courses will make you eligible to apply to a Caribbean medical university.

So, make sure you meet the specified entry requirements prior to applying to a medical university. International students are required to submit their official credential report of the transcript via WES. They are also required to submit scores of TOEFL or IELTS along with their medical school application.

Work Experience

There is no arguing that work experience plays a key role in strengthening your medical school application and bolstering your chances of admittance. Gaining any type of volunteer work experience is worth mentioning in your personal statement. As nearly every medical schools look for candidates, who have some work experience in the medical field. It shows a passion for the career in a healthcare field, a high level of commitment and prepares candidates to deal with the realities of the medical profession.

So, if you are planning to study medicine aboard, focus on getting work experience form your home country. Plan ahead and start finding opportunities in hospitals, clinics, research institutes, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, laboratories and more. Getting some hands-on experience is indeed a perfect strategy to become a competitive candidate for a top American University of the Caribbean school of medicine.

Research Hospitals Affiliated with Medical Universities

When it comes to creating a list of medical schools you are thinking to apply to, it is highly recommended to research their affiliated teaching hospitals carefully. These teaching hospitals serve as academic medical centers that provide students with hands-on experience, improve their medical knowledge and give them a better idea about different medical specialties. In fact, having a high-quality teaching hospital affiliated with a medical school is a plus point for medical students as it gives them a great opportunity to learn about complex medical disorders, advanced clinical procedures and conduct research to discover new treatments and cures.

Personal Statement

In order to successfully meet the selection criteria of an accredited Caribbean medical school, make sure to create a personal statement that impresses the admission officers. Remember, a personal statement is your opportunity to show the admissions committees that you are the right candidate for their institute. Keep your personal essay medicine-relevant and include all the academic achievements and extracurricular activities that make you ideal for their medical program.

Prepare for a Medical School Interview

If you are an international applicant and applying to medicine overseas, chances are you will be asked to do your medical school interview over Skype. For many students, it can be a challenging process, but preparing yourself in advance will increase your chances of success. Do plenty of research and predict all the questions you will be asked. Make your every possible effort to demonstrate your skills and experience and create a positive impression on the interview panel. You should have a clear idea about your future career path, as it helps the interview panel decide you are the perfect talent for their university.

Stay Determined

Finally, stay positive and keep your motivation levels high. Put your best possible efforts to become a competitive student by showing your stellar academic records and diverse work experience. It will put yourself on another level compared to domestic students.

If you are looking for the best Caribbean medical university, Windsor University School of Medicine should be on top of your list. Windsor accepts international applicants into their Premedical Sciences and MD Programs. It has the same admissions standards for domestic and international applicants, except for a refundable security deposit. Applications for the summer season 2019 is open. You can check the application requirements here.  To learn more about Windsor, here’s how to contact them:

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