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How a Caribbean Medical School Prepares You for the USMLE

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As you study medicine in the Caribbean, you will also be preparing to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE); USMLE STEP 1, USMLE STEP 2, AND USMLE STEP 3. Passing these exams is a pre-requisite to practicing medicine in the United States. You should plan well in advance of taking the these exams. Preparation includes knowing what will be included in the exams, learning the relevant information, and studying it thoroughly.


The Caribbean medical school you choose should play a large part in readying you for the USMLE. You will also need to take a proactive role in the process.
International Medical School Classes and the USMLE

Getting ready for the USMLE involves both short-term and long-term groundwork. This is how you can maximize your medical school classes to get primed for this essential examination:

  • In the Short Term– By studying some of the “high-yield” topics associated with the USMLE, you can get in the mindset you will need to do well on the exam. These topics are concepts relevant to the examination. In the first step of the exam, the high-yield topics are fundamental science concepts related to effectively and safely practicing medicine. In the second step of the examination (which is made up of two parts), the main ideas to focus on are those with a clinical science emphasis, such as common medical conditions and diseases. In the third step, the high-yield concepts will be related to diagnosis, initial case management, and continuing care in an ambulatory environment.
  • Long-Term Preparation – Your long term preparation for the USMLE will be done in school. By attending a Caribbean basic science program and a Caribbean clinical science program, you will be learning the information you need to know in order to pass the examination. After you pass the first step of the USMLE, entering a clinical clerkship rotation program is required. The experience is important footwork that is necessary to your overall success with the exam.
  • Study Basics– The best way to study efficiently for the test is to be aware of the study habits that serve you well. If you learn better with a set of guidelines, then finding a practice manual could be wise. You might be the type of person who studies best alone. If you are the type who thrives on immediate feedback, then a group setting is probably ideal for you. Pay attention to what does and does not work for you while you are in medical school. This will make it easier for you to devise a streamlined study plan as you get ready to take the USMLE.


A Caribbean Medical School Education

If you have been studying medicine in the Caribbean and are preparing to take the USMLE, you deserve a pat on the back! Getting a medical school education is quite an achievement in and of itself. Windsor University School of Medicine is proud to assist you in reaching your career goals. Our students come from many locations in the US and Canada, such as Houston, Ottawa, and Kansas City.

Contact us today to learn more about studying medicine in the Caribbean and our clinical

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