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History and Importance of Windsor University School of Medicine

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As you research the possibilities and select a Caribbean medical school, you might also wish to familiarize yourself with the history of any prospective choice. Also important is a school’s mission. You should be sure that the university you attend represents values that reflect your own.


Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM) is concerned with producing graduates who are highly skilled and capable of serving the community at large. We know that the role we play is an important one, and we are proud to assist our students today in becoming the world’s doctors of tomorrow.


Windsor University School of Medicine: Timeline and Significance

Below is a brief timeline of our affordable academic environment, which was designed to welcome international students of diverse cultures. In examining this timeline and our mission, you may gain a better understanding of the part WUSOM might have in your future:


  • Significant Impact – Just as those who settled in the area and founded St. Kitts had a meaningful purpose, so did WUSOM’s founders in 1997. Opening a medical school in any location is always a noteworthy endeavor. By making a medical education accessible to more students, a school can have a lasting impact across the world. Our students come from a diverse range of places, such as Edmonton, Orlando, Calgary, and Kansas City. Once they leave our fine institution, our graduates might be placed in residencies in Lexington, London, Toronto, and Halifax.
  • Continuously Evolving – Our school is always evolving to meet the needs of our growing student body. From our modest beginning in 1998 to our St. Kitts expansion beginning in 2005, we have always striven to be the best Caribbean medical university available. As our School of Medicine progressedover the years, we have made available an increasingly higher number of opportunities to our students. Our recent expansion efforts, in 2015 and 2016, reflect our desire to always offer a superior facility and education to those who attend our classes.
  • Founder’s Message– As our late founder, Dr. Srinivas R. Gaddam, asserted, we are ever building a reputation as a leader in our field. Our tradition has always been to provide students with a remarkable education that is also affordable. By maintaining that objective, we have helped many future physicians, who might otherwise have never been able to cover the costs associated with medical school. In doing this, we are confident that we have served the world community well.

We Are Proud to Be Your St. Kitts Medical School

You are the medical professionals of tomorrow. At the onset of your journey to success, be certain that you are attending an honorable institution with noble intentions. From our inception and throughout our evolution, we continue to uphold and are proud of our goals. We have also worked hard to achieve those goals, just as we know you will do to attain yours. Your timeline begins now. Contact us to find out how you can get started on your Caribbean medical school degree. We are dedicated to providing an affordable, yet outstanding, education to all of our students. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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