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Here’s Why Premeds Should Gain Research Experience to Get into Medical School?

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If you are looking to pursue an MD program, having research experience will make the process smoother and easier. Many medical school officials and physicians recommend premedical students to find some undergraduate research opportunities. Conducting academic research can improve your chances of gaining admission into medical school. Students with strong academic records and compelling research experience can easily gain a spot in a medical school.

Finding some undergraduate research opportunities allows premeds to improve their medical school application. It helps premeds to develop essential skills and qualities required for becoming a competent doctor. Let’s figure out why premeds need research experience and what type of research premedical students should participate in.

Reasons to Get Involved in Pre-Med Research Opportunities

Having an impressive research background makes you a successful medical school applicant as it will develop important skills essential for a medical school student. Conducting research enables students to obtain knowledge, bolster confidence and augment your medical school application. Participating in different research projects also hones your technical knowledge and prepares you for a medical career.

–  Enhance Your Medical School Application

If you are applying to medical school, obtaining some research experience is a great idea to improve your candidacy. According to medical school admissions experts, premed research projects provide students with deeper insights into the practical lives of physician scientists. No matter the type of research project premeds conduct, lab-based or any other. The key is to gain a significant amount of knowledge and become a successful medical student.

Moreover, participating in different research projects shows the medical school admissions officials that you are passionate about the specific project. Completing a research project as an undergraduate is the biggest achievement and helps you stand out as an applicant.

–  Prepare You for a Rewarding Career

Participating in different types of research projects will help you determine your academic and career goals. There are a number of possible fields of research including natural sciences, physical sciences and engineering, social science and humanities, and public health research – to name a few. Getting involved in different research opportunities will help you gain certain research techniques, laboratory skills, historical analysis and much more. When you engage in different types of research projects, you can better decide which medical field would suit you best.

–  Develop Important Skills

Getting involved in research projects allows aspiring physicians better understand medical science and develop important skills required to become a successful medical student. For instance, working with a research team hones your teamwork and communication skills essential for working in the field of medicine.

Finding a research opportunity in any field is a great advantage as you will definitely develop certain skills. However, getting involved in the research project in the field that interests you more is a great feat. It will impress the medical school admissions committee that you have certainly enjoyed the experience and are passionate about the medical field.

Remember, the field of your research is not as important as the skills you develop. Conducting premed research allows you to develop research skills, gathering and analyzing data, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, verbal and communication skills, and the list goes on and on.

How to Find PreMed Research Opportunities?

Finding a research opportunity for getting scientific exposure and technical knowledge is a daunting process. Gaining an impressive research experience requires significant time and effort. Premedical students are advised to start undergraduate research early in college. It will give you ample time for experimentation, data analysis and polish your research skills. Narrowing down your interests and focusing on the subjects that interests you more will make the premed research process easier.

If you want to gain some research experience, here are some easy tips to find premedical research opportunities.

Reach out to Medical Schools

Many medical schools offer research opportunities for premeds. Reaching out to medical schools is the easiest step to get involved in research opportunities. Professors and teaching assistants are personally involved in research projects as they are completing their PhD programs. You can ask them if there is any position vacant in the research team. Teaching assistants usually look for assistants for their research projects who can help them complete their project.

Join Pre-Med Clubs

Joining premed clubs allows you to find research opportunities. Ask your seniors about their research experiences. They have contacts with professors and can better guide you on how to reach out to those professors who need research assistants for their projects. Furthermore, older students help you find research opportunities at hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Senior students who shadowed a physician might know which physician is currently involved in a research project and are looking for an assistant. Your premed peers and seniors will definitely help you and point you in the right direction.

Reach out to Hospitals

As a medical student, you are supposed to participate in extracurricular activities, gain physician shadowing experience and perform volunteer work. These activities will help you learn new skills, develop new relationships, and find research opportunities. Reach out to the physicians you shadowed; they will definitely help you connect with the research team looking for the assistants for their projects. You can also check the websites of hospitals, research institutes, and medical centers to check if there is any vacancy available for research assistants.

Look for Summer Research Programs

Many medical schools offer research programs that are especially designed for students interested in research. Students enrolled in summer research programs to gain some research experience, build important skills and connect with healthcare professionals. Completing these research programs helps you improve your medical school application.

Final Note

Aspiring physicians interested in research can look for many premed research opportunities to experience new ways of learning. Performing undergraduate research projects preparers students to become a successful medical school applicant and pursue a rewarding medical career. Research in medicine helps students gain useful skills, provide exposure to different fields, and make advancements in the healthcare field.

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