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Dos and Don’ts of Residency Application Interview

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If you are a 4th-year medical student, chances are that you might already be attending a lot of interviews. For starters, interviews can be daunting and stressful, especially if your first job is in the hands of some mysterious process. Question to ask is, how can you appear confident in an interview even if you don’t have that confidence?

How can you set yourself apart from hundreds of medical school applicants which also include applicants from international medical schools. The competition will be tough, so what to do in your residency interview? Here are some residency interview tips that can guide you towards your one of the most important step in your career.

Firstly, you should realize that residency interview is an important and precious spot for all medical students. You will not be invited unless they are seriously interested in you and think you have a chance at matching their criteria. Often the interview session is a medium where the interviewers are trying to sell their program to you just as much as you are trying to impress them.

Personality traits are more important than board scores. Interviewers are using that 15-minute interview to try to figure out if you have what it takes to be a good resident. The most important characteristics are intangible aspects can be seen below.


  • Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.
  • No matter how bad the truth is, spit it out.
  • Know every element of your CV. Why something is mentioned and how your special talent is relevant with the job?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. But ensure that the question is for the right person at the right time.
  • Rehearse your introduction and focus on your body language. First impressions last a long way.
  • Act like a professional
  • Do not direct the conversation. Let the interviewer handle the flow of the interview.
  • Stay truthful to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • After the interview give thanks and your appreciation (even if it is via an email)


  • Never be late. And even if you are late make sure to specify the reason and ensure that it is a solid one.
  • Switch off your cell phone and focus on the interview. Don’t be distracted.
  • Do not go to an interview unprepared. First, read something about the company. What they do and what will be your role in their mission?
  • Be unkempt. First impressions matter. Take it seriously to act like a gentleman.
  • Sleep well the night before the interview so you don’t sleep during the interview.
  • Ask relevant questions. Do not ask the director where the cafeteria is.
  • Provide the answers you think interviewer wants to hear.
  • Be respectful to the people around you. Maybe one of the candidates now can be your boss next year.

Hopefully above mentioned “Dos and Don’ts” will keep you from committing any major interview faux-pas. Stay relaxed and enjoy your time at the interview, seeing other programs, and meeting future colleagues.

Windsor University School of Medicine Wishes You Luck

If you are just wrapping up your medical education, you most likely are preparing for residency application interviews. Be sure to follow Windsor Universities above advice to ensure a smooth and successful interview. Call us today at 1-844-994-6376 if you have any questions to the processes or would like further advice. Our student services will help you be on your way to obtaining your dream profession. Windsor University School of Medicine wishes you good luck in your upcoming interview!

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