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Do I Need a Student Visa to Attend a Caribbean Medical School?

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Once you have decided to study medicine in the Caribbean, you will probably have many questions. Aspiring medical school students frequently reach out to us about the requirements for attending Windsor University School of Medicine (WUSOM). That often includes knowing whether they need a student visa for best Caribbean medical school. This is a detail you will need to cover before you embark on your journey to the Caribbean.

The Student Visa: What You Need to Know Before You Enroll in an International Medical School 

These are the basic guidelines and other information you should know before you attend medical school at Windsor University School of Medicine:

  • Who May Visit Without a Visa – North American citizens who travel recreationally to St. Kitts will not need to obtain a visa. However, as a student of WUSOM, you must apply for a student visa before you arrive.
  • Items You Must Provide – Your visa application will need to be completed before you begin the process of enrollment. You will need a passport-sized photo and a notarized copy of your birth certificate. You must provide copies of the first, the second, and the final page of your valid passport. You must also have a police certificate/affidavit, an original or notarized copy of your acceptance letter from WUSOM, and a certified bank statement that proves your self-sufficiency. You must also have a copy of your airline ticket.
  • Medical Documents – You are also required to provide certain medical documents. Those include your results from a recent VDRL/RPR test and a tuberculosis lab test.
  • Processing Fee – The visa processing fee for both U.S. and Canadian students is $150.00 USD.

Family Members – If any of your family (including your spouse) will be staying with you in St. Kitts, your visa application must also include your marriage certificate.

  • You will be required to provide your spouse’s notarized birth certificate, as well as a notarized birth certificate for every unmarried child under 18.
  • International Students – Students from outside North America may face more stringent requirements. If you are an international student, speak with a representative from WUSOM for more information.

Getting Ready to Study Medicine in the Caribbean
When you have put forth much time and effort into finding the right medical school, it’s important to take the steps required to follow through on your goal. Obtaining your student visa will be just one of the requirements for attending Caribbean medical school. Be sure to begin gathering all of the documents now that you will need to apply for your student visa.

Whether you are coming from Orlando, Calgary, or Detroit, we want you to succeed as a medical student. One of the first steps in your journey is to apply for the student visa you need to travel to St. Kitts. We know the process may seem initially confusing, and Windsor School of Medicine is happy to help you along the way.
Contact us online for assistance in applying for your student visa. Additionally, feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding enrollment.

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