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Considering Transferring to Windsor University School of Medicine? Here’s What You Need to Know

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The decision to transfer to a different medical school is not easy. After all, you have sailed through choppy seas to get to where you are now, but sometimes, it may feel like you have landed on the wrong island. The good news is that transferring to Windsor University School of Medicine in St. Kitts isn’t just possible, but it could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. However, if you’ve been considering transferring to a WUSOM, you likely have a host of questions running through your mind. We are here to answer them all and make the transition as smooth as possible.

5 Reasons medical students transfer to WUSOM

There are tons of reasons why medical students choose to transfer to a different medical school, such as the Windsor University School of Medicine. Even when you have done your due diligence in finding the best possible school to pursue your education, you may discover along the way, that your current medical school just isn’t the right fit. There are a vast number of reasons why students transfer from other medical Schools and choose WUSOM as their final and permanent choice:

  • Smaller Class size: Our transfer students really appreciate the small class sizes which allows them to have contact with their professors and offers a more conducive and intimate environment for learning. Personalized attention allows medical students to work hands-on with faculty and participate whole-heartedly in class discussions.
  • Cost: Attending a medical school can weight heavy on your pocket; what with roughly 73% of medical students graduating with debt. However, attending Windsor can save you a fortune in tuition when compared to other Caribbean medical schools. Our goal is to make medical education accessible to every deserving student from across the globe, which is why we offer a vast array of flexible scholarships and financial aid programs. For instance, in addition to multiple academic scholarships available, students can avail the Tuition Payment Plan where fees can be paid monthly without additional interest or apply for loans to help them attain their academic goals.
  • Affiliated Hospitals: A student’s clinical training during medical school can have a significant effect during the residency matching process. Thankfully, the Windsor University School of Medicine in St. Kitts is proudly affiliated with leading hospitals throughout North America. A look at our affiliated hospitals in the U.S. convinces a lot of students to shift to WUSOM.
  • A serene Location: St. Kitts is considered one of the safest and most pristine islands in the Caribbean. We understand the concerns of students who come so far from home, but rest assured, WUSOM is fully committed to the safety and well-being of its faculty, staff, students, and visitors to the campus. Our residential and academic campus is fully equipped with security staff, who are responsible for maintaining public order on and off campus, and there are cameras at every turn to ensure safety around the clock.
  • Residency: Some schools will have a lower match rate, whereas others have comparable higher. One of the major reasons medical students consider a transfer is to be a part of a school where a majority of students match the first-time into a program. WUSOM graduates secure residencies in some of the most competitive medical specialties, at some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Our alumni have distinguished themselves by becoming chief residents, earning significant awards, and obtaining competitive fellowships.

When Can You Transfer to Windsor?

Due to the nature of medical training, WUSOM has designated points in training that are ideal times to transfer. Transfer students are usually accommodated from MD 2 to MD 6 semester – i.e., students who have completed a small portion of their pre-clinical coursework at another medical school to students who have completed their pre-clinical coursework at another medical school and are eligible to enter Clinical Clerkships, in rotation, in specific fields.

Requirements to transfer to WUSOM

The expectations set by WUSOM indicate that transfer student applications should include supporting documents such as letters of recommendation, good standing from the previous medical school and a letter stating the reason for the transfer. Transfer students are accepted after a careful review of their academic performance in their previous medical school, such as their undergraduate GPA and MCAT, or even scores of the NBME Comprehensive Exam, and USMLE scores if applicable. Last but not the least, our admissions teams will also need to ensure you have no record of failures, repeated courses, or academic- or behavior-related issues at your current medical school.

International students (except from Caribbean and North American region) are instructed to get their transcripts evaluated by evaluating agencies before they are accepted. Remember that Windsor will only accept transferred course credits from Accredited Medical Schools that are listed on the World Directory of Medical Schools

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