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6 Super Easy Ways to Make Learning Medical Terminologies Fun

For many medical students, learning medical terminologies is one of the most challenging tasks. Some find it hard to memorize the meaning of intricate terms, while for others opening a medical dictionary is a tedious chore. Whether you are an aspiring medical student or currently studying in a medical school, you have to learn this […]

Shadowing a Surgeon – 5 Proven Ways to Take Your Experience to a Whole New Level

Surgery is an interesting and challenging field that is construed as one of the most sought-after careers in medicine. It is a perfect career path for those who love work that is totally hands-on. The use of acquired medical knowledge during your years in a Caribbean medical school and technical skills, in tandem with the […]

7 Habits of Highly Successful Medical Students

Bravo!! You triumphed the MCAT, and now you are planning to fly over to an international medical school. But wait before you jump start your career in a medical school you need to develop some habits that can not only help you in medical school but in your life too. Here are seven habits of […]